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starting over

Today, I made a huge decision. Well, let me back up for a second. In 2012, I gave birth to a little girl (a feat I was told that I would never be able to do and a feat that I’ll talk about in a later post) while facing my husband’s future deployment (yep, we’re a military family). So that he could follow our adventures, I created a blog called This Momma Stuff Just Got Real. After several weeks away, he returned and the true purpose of the blog dwindled, despite having followers.

I tried to salvage it by creating another blog with the same name as this one on health and wellness but it was short lived too as we moved and got busier in our lives.  Time got away from me and so did my memory of them. Fast forward to today: Independence Day of 2016. The day I freed myself of those two blogs. To me, it’s a big deal. To you, it’s the story of this blog’s history.

However, it’s a bigger deal than just a huge decision. It’s a brand new start. It’s a way for me to launch this blog with one purpose in mind: ME!  That’s right. It’s about me. It’s about me as a daily project. It’s about my constant struggle with PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome. It’s about my desire to lose weight. It’s about me loving myself despite sometimes not wanting to do so. It’s about me commiserating with women who feel the same way, with or without PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome. It’s about me empowering women to go on throughout their day with the full knowledge that they can make it through simply because one more woman is going through a struggle too and they are aspiring to make it through too. After all, there is strength in numbers. It’s about living life, laughing at ourselves and loving every single minute of this ride.

In the words of Nina Simone’s song Feeling Good: it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me! And I’m feeling good! Thanks for reading today’s post! Stay tuned and join me on this endeavor to have a happier, more fulfilled life through the experience called: The Tina Fite Project.


starting over2



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Memorial Day Weekend

It’s here!!  It’s finally here! The weekend many have waited for. The unofficial beginning of summer where it seems like every other house has a grill going, music playing and (if there’s not a shortage of water) inflatable and hard bottomed kiddie pools galore. Usually this weekend is filled with beach trips, suntan lotion and late night chats.  However, for some, it’s filled with sadness and sweet memories that will never fade or be replaced with new memories with that person.

For some, this will never be the beautiful, glorious weekend those of us who’ve been blessed to be allowed to experience. So many have given the ultimate sacrifice so that others would never experience, the call or knock at the door telling them their loved one is gone due to war.

So if you’re planning to be out and about this weekend and you happen to see a veteran walking around, please do not tell them Happy Memorial Day. You may, if you so choose, thank them for their service but please do not tie it to Memorial Day. Some of them may be walking around thinking of their fellow service member who did not make it home when they did and because of that, it can be a tough holiday for them as well. For us, it will always be a time of remembrance for MA2 Sean Brazas who was called to go to the front lines one month before my husband. He lost his life and it was his spot my husband was to replace seven weeks after we had our daughter. You may remember me speaking about my husband and his job in post about Max the Movie.

MA 2 Sean Brazas
MA2 Sean Brazas

So you see, while this day is one of happiness and relaxation for some, there is always someone out there who has the watch so they can be happy and relaxed. Sometimes these people don’t make it back home to see their families and friends. That’s who we’re to remember. That’s who we’re to never forget. They paid the price for us to do that and we should honor their ultimate payment.

Until next time, hug your family and friends tighter, say a prayer for the families of the fallen and think of those who lost their lives defending your ability to enjoy this holiday. By the way, my family and I will be observing the holiday so my next post will be Tuesday, 29 May.

Have a safe and relaxing weekend!

Memorial Day


Being Right Doesn’t Make You…Right

*UPDATE: I decided to re-post this blog posting again. It seems that the lesson bears repeating far more than it does to sit idle. Have a great day and remember, TOMORROW IS FRIDAY!!!!!*

Right or Wrong

I love the above quote because it’s so true. One can’t be right forever and when they fail to be correct, it seems that there is zero shortage of those who will forget it. However, what happens if you’re right but the way you went about it was wrong? What do you think they offended party would remember most?

I had a disagreement recently with my husband over something that is already trivial in today’s society: our kid’s appearance. Fact of the matter is that despite how our child feels about herself, her appearance is already being called into question. Our common belief is that she deserves to look and feel her best but what that means is where we differ. We went over an hour trying to convince each other why we were right, all the while being wrong.  We were wrong for the way we talked to each other, the way we raised our voices at one another and the way we used different scenarios to get our manipulated points across.

So who won? Which one of us were right? We won’t remember if either one of us were right. We will remember, however, the smile on our child’s face as her appearance gets her stamp of approval. We will remember how we spoke to one another. We will remember the feelings we felt when we talked roughly to each other.We will remember the difference in how we thought about the discussion and our attempts to be right. But again, we still won’t remember who was right.

In the end, please remember that in your quest to be right, don’t forget that even if the result wind up in your favor, the other party may still feel you’re wrong simply because of the way you addressed the matter. And that’s where the work or restoration and healing begins.

Until next time, remember being right doesn’t mean you’re right if the other party is offended by the way you reached your right status.  Change that and the future of your relationships may go even more smoothly.


Working On Me

It’s official! It’s been six months since I last worked and I’m getting antsy.  Okay, okay, maybe a little desperate but definitely antsy.  I miss working. I miss leaving the house for a purpose and bringing money back in with that purpose. I miss growing career-wise. However, despite the antsy feeling, I’m thankful for this time away from the working world. It’s my opportunity to work on me.

For now, I’m a domestic engineer, home educator of a 5-year old and chauffeur of a kid and a dog. I’m okay with it. I’m still adjusting to it but for now, I’m okay. Why? Because I’m also taking this time to work on me. I get to go to the gym and work out. I get to learn more about the Ketogenic Diet and put it into practice.  I not only get to adequately prepare our kid for kindergarten but myself also.

This time I’ve had to work on me has made a major impact on my life. I’ve gotten to be reintroduced to myself post-baby and I found out that I’ve changed a great deal. I value health and fitness much more than being popular or having friendships. I value my family time more than my alone time. I love being out in town, walking among everyone and nature rather than staying home.  I like trying new restaurants and critiquing them or trying to duplicate the dish I ate at home. I thoroughly enjoy reading a new book about Keto and listening to smooth jazz music. I find that I am more intrigued with learning how to better myself as a person so I can be better for my family.

I must say that this time is being well spent and I wouldn’t trade it for the world, although I am getting antsy. I don’t think I would have been able to stick to my endeavors or even know where to begin on the journey to discovering more of myself if I lacked this gifted time.

So my friends, if ever you have a period of time that you get to better yourself, even if the time seems to be for a negative reason (i.e. laid off or fired from work), use that time to get to know and better yourself. Self growth is a privilege many forget to use when life gives them lemons.

Until next time, if you find yourself in a slump, take that opportunity to grow yourself.  You might find yourself in a much better place just like I did.

Superstition Is The Way!!

Love the love they give to each other! #Bros4Life

Okay, I’m a sports fan.  I LOVE the Los Angeles Lakers!!!  I LOVE the Tennessee Titans!  I LOVE the Atlanta Braves!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Nashville Predators!!!  Yep, I said it!! I LOVE hockey!!!  However, I have a secret: I’m very, very superstitious!  My brother and I both are superstitious and we would both say we’re more extreme than the other but I think I take the cake on it.

Last night, our beloved Nashville Predators were up against the Anaheim Ducks in Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals of NHL.   When the stakes are this high and we need such a win, I know I need to be honest with myself. I’m unlucky.  I’m the woman that if you took me to a casino, I’d drain everybody’s pockets just to get one win on a penny machine. That’s what kind of unlucky I am. And I suppose that I fell into this mindset because I was taught early on that there is no such thing as luck but just blessings.  I must say I am one blessed woman so I have no dispute with the blessings part. But luck though? Let’s just say don’t listen to me when it comes to the Kentucky Derby.

They’re ready and we’re ready!

I’ve learned throughout my sports watching life that there are teams that no matter what I do, they are going to lose.  I’ve also learned which teams do better with me watching and those who do not. The Nashville Predators absolutely stink when I’m watching them, especially in the Finals. My husband knows this. So there are no questions asked when it’s about 5 minutes until the puck is scheduled to drop where I’m headed. I’m out of that room.  I can’t be there. My stuff can’t be there. I’m not to be anywhere near the machine on which the Predators are being shown while playing. It’s hilarious to others but it’s serious business to me. I’m superstitious that way and I have cause to continue to be that way.  Why? Because the Nashville Predators are in the 2017 NHL Stanley Cup Finals for the first time in franchise HISTORY!!!!!!!! Our beloved home state of Tennessee is beside itself right now.  It’s so bad that I think we should go to Dick’s online store to try to find ourselves a Western Conference Champion t-shirt before they sell out.  But I digress.

Like I said, it must run in the family because my brother is the same way. People must be in a certain place and he must eat a certain food every time they play or else they lose. My poor sister must take care of all of her dealings prior to the game because my brother will yell at her for moving out of her spot. LOL!  Our parents think we’re weird as well but ultimately don’t care because our beloved team wins when we’re like this.

Preds Pekka
Mr. Pekka Rinne – Protect HIM!!!

Okay, enough talk about them. I want to talk about you. Are you superstitious? What prompts you to be superstitious? Sports, life events, money?  Tell me all about it in the comment section below.

Until next time, GO PREDS!!!!


New Month, New Goal

Hi everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. It’s almost hard to believe that a long weekend is near (American holiday: Memorial Day).  For some, Memorial Day is the first unofficial day of summer. This is the day most people break out the grills, the coolers, the best cuts of meat and their favorite friends’ or relatives’ side dish recipes. For some, it’s a three-day weekend. For others, especially my friends in the retail industry, it turns into long days at work. But that’s next weekend. Today, I’m celebrating my own “Memorial Day”.

For me, today is my day to go through my pictures and to compile my second month of Keto pictures in date order for my month two collage.  When I do this, I remember each moment and what I was doing at that time. I smile and I move on to setting a new goal. This month, I don’t think I’m going to do a number goal. I think I want to do a clothing goal. I have a shirt that I want to wear. It is a large. I can get in it and wear it but it’s really tight. Instead of weighing in, I’m going to use it as my marker. Sure, I’m going to weigh in on June 1st (currently, I’m participating in No Weigh May) but I think I’m not going to weigh in until June 27th anyway and then get the official number on July 1st.

Personally, I feel that goal setting shouldn’t be a New Year’s resolution that’s annually done and kicked to the curb within two weeks of starting it. To be honest, I’m not really a goal setter for that reason. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have started and stopped a weight management program simply because of this very reason. I actually dislike goal setting because I don’t like to be let down if I fail to reach it despite giving my best effort. Call it me being a perfectionist but it’s true.  So, after talking about my goal setting struggles with others and working with my nutritionist, it was decided that I would be best served with goals that I could achieve if I did the bare minimum. For example, walk 3,000 steps a day or lose a pound a week. Practically something anyone can do daily. I’ve done that and it has made me feel good to know that for at least sixty-three days, I was able to continue to meet and beat my goals.

But what about you? We have a new month coming up. Do you have a new goal you’d like to reach?  Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to read them.  It will also help me with Motivational Mondays as well as I can do something centered around motivating everyone towards reaching the desired goal(s).

Until next time, have a beautiful Monday!


I’ve Got A Question For You!

There is something I absolutely love to hear daily: motivational speeches.  I watch them, I listen to them, I soak them in and then pull them out when the going gets tough. But I want to know about you.

What do you use to motivate you?


I want to start a motivational Monday series in June and I want to include my readers in it. So please leave your answers in the comments below.

Until next time, have marvelous day!



Michael Fite 1st picture in the Military
From this (circa 2006)

Yesterday represented a milestone for my family. We like to think of it as an anniversary of sorts but it’s still a milestone nonetheless. Yesterday marked eleven years since my husband entered the military and I must say it has gone by extremely fast. In that time, we’ve moved four times, lived overseas once, lived on both coasts, had two kids (one is with God and the other is in her room protesting the putting on of clothes as I type this), had four pets (two dogs and two cats), met many awesome people, traveled the world, learned to speak a different language while living in that country and the list goes on and on.

This milestone also marks the beginning of a different mindset – one that we’ve only entertained when it was time for re-enlistment. No matter how it’s put, we’re now faced with the sunset of his career. The time most people call retirement is approaching. Now, pending everything continues to be as good as it has been, it won’t be for another nine years (and a day) but still, he’s just done eleven and that went by extremely fast.  Truth of the matter is, I’m a little saddened by it.  We’ve accomplished so much in this lifestyle that it’s a little hard to fathom that in as little as nine years and a day, this could possible be the last hoo-rah for us.

Nevertheless, that’s what milestones are for. It’s the moment where one can look back and remember where they began and can also look forward to where they are going all the while appreciating the present gift of being able to do both.  We are a far cry from living in a rented house with a hole in the roof and drafty walls.  We are a far cry from wondering if we can make it in the city we lived in. We are what feels like a lifetime away from thinking that things would be better if we had separated simply because it’s one less person to feed or care for.  We’ve learned throughout it all, we’re stronger together – that we need each other not only to survive but to thrive. I don’t think we would have been this happy, this content, this successful if we were apart all of these years (side note: I’m not saying that people who choose to live apart or those who decide to fully separate due to financial status are unhappy. I’m just saying it wouldn’t have worked for us).

Until next time, I hope all of your milestones are as sweet and as beautiful as you’d desire them to be.

Michael Fite 10th year in the military picture
To this (circa 2016)… The best is YET to come!

I Admit It. I’m A Parental Slacker.

Yesterday, I just didn’t want to adult. I didn’t want to interact with anyone. I didn’t even want to play with my kid. I didn’t want to sleep. I didn’t want to cook. I didn’t want to leave the house. I didn’t want to clean. Basically, I didn’t want to do much more than open up all of our windows, turn on some soothing smooth jazz music and read books.

I admit it. I was a parental slacker yesterday. I wasn’t engaged in my kid’s interests. Instead, I found her quite annoying. While I do lament at the thought of how she perceived my dislike of her constantly beseeching my presence at every moment, I still feel as if I’m entitled to have one ounce of time devoted to being alone while the sun is up. Call me selfish. Call me temporarily disconnected but for the first time since her birth, I felt I needed me for me.

Is that so wrong? To need me for me?  It’s one of the most guilty pleasures a stay-at-home parent can have. Sometimes, we just don’t want to be bothered by anyone at any time. Why? Because when one has their name called out several times over a few seconds or when one has to look up a chiropractor for a re-adjustment of their shoulder from all of the yanking and pulling their kid does or when one has to “actively” watch the same episode over and over again simply because their child will melt in a pool of their own tears otherwise, one needs time to recuperate from it.

Nevertheless, it was how I felt and I’m not ashamed of it.  As a matter of fact, I’m quite proud of it because that means I’m engaged in my home life, I’m effectively involved in my family and I always give maximum effort to them. Wanting time for me to recharge means that I’ve given them everything I could for the moment but need a moment to replenish myself so I can again maximize my efforts. It’s the equivalent of taking a vacation at an away-from-home job.  Most people use their vacation time for when they need to recharge from their positions at work. It’s harder for those who work at home to do so because their work and home life happen in one place.

So please excuse me as I took a day off from willingly being mom. I needed a recharge. I needed to recuperate from the constant song of “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy…” I’m sure I’ll be much better today.

Stewie Griffin Hi
A picture representation of my day.


Until next time, have a great day!


“YOU’VE LOST WEIGHT!” and other NSVs

Ya’ll! I’m still beaming from my first “You’ve Lost Weight!” statement. It happened on Sunday, roughly around noon and can’t tell you how much it means to me to have heard it from someone else. I decided to start the Ketogenic diet on March 20, 2017 and I must admit I wanted to know when (if ever) I was going to receive my first “you’ve lost weight” statement from someone. I thought I was going to get it from my husband but he said that “I see you all the time” statement that is oh so accurate but it’s one I dread because that means he’s really not paying attention. I thought I was going to get it from my Mom when she visited but nope. I somewhat notice it in my clothing but it would be nice to hear it from an outside source.

And I did!  It was amazing!!!  On a day that I would be within every single right to abandon my way of eating, I was encouraged not do so because of those three words. Now that’s a Non-Scale Victory (NSV) in my book and just what I needed to continue my challenge of “No Weigh May” which is for me to refrain from stepping on and looking at the scale during the month of May. I didn’t pay too much attention to the fact that my clothes feel different or that I need less seat belt to buckle up. I didn’t notice that the indenture on the couch is less or that I’m not in the kitchen as often as I used to be (I still have a 5 year old kid at home who’s growing like a weed). All my focus has been on is how I reacted to those words “you’ve lost weight” and how it has propelled me to continue my journey. My reaction isn’t one of need but it echoes the sentiments that I have within myself: I can do this and that I’ve finally found what works for me! I think I just love the fact that others are seeing it too which furthers the fact that I’m right. And I just LOVE being right, especially when it comes to my health.

Until next time, have a great day!


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