Caution - Empowerment

One of my greatest joys is using my skills and abilities to help empower others. I absolutely love it when someone has used something I’ve said or something they’ve learned and used it to inspire and influence the decisions they make in their lives – regardless of whether or not the results of those decisions were favorable. I bet you were with me until I said that last part concerning the outcome of those decisions.  Let me explain myself.

By definition, empowerment is giving power or authority to something or someone. So when someone has taken something that has been learned and use it as a tool of power to make decisions in their lives, they’ve empowered themselves. However, some of those decisions may not have worked out the way they’ve planned and that’s simply okay. Why? Because they’ve learned a lesson and gained another tool for later use by someone. By someone, you asked? Yes, by someone. Because others are watching. You know that others watch when you do things right or wrong. They learn too by watching others and they, too, gain another tool in their tool shed to use at a later date. For example, if you accidentally burned your hand on a hot stove and a kid sees you hurt your hand, they may never ever touch the eye of a stove while it is on simply because of the pain, hurt and discomfort it brought you when you did it. With that being said, not only did you teach yourself to be more careful and to pay attention when the stove is on, you’ve taught that kid that not paying attention and lacking of caring can cause pain which, in turn, empowers that kid to make better choices with regards to the stove. So the results of the decision to not pay attention and disregard taking care while the stove is on were not favorable to you, knowing that a kid has been empowered to decide better for themselves when a stove is in operation does make the pain feel a little less…painful.

So the question is: Have you been empowered today? Have you been told that the knowledge and skills you have now are worth it to make good, solid decisions? Did you know that you do know what to do and when to do them? Did you know you are capable of doing the things that may seem impossible and only dream-worthy? Did you know you are able? Did you know those things? Well, if not, let me be the first to tell you today: YOU ARE CAPABLE. YOU ARE ABLE.  I empower you to think better of yourself. I empower you to utilize the knowledge and skills you have now to push you to maximum usage of them and eventually gain more. I empower you to seek out anything and everything to help you reach your highest potential in life. Last but not least, I empower you to teach others what you’ve learn and to share it all, including the rough patches, the slow starts, the unfinished and the mistakes. Because you never know who you’re going to empower today just because you were being the best you you could possibly be.

Until next time, I challenge you to do what it takes to empower yourself to be better than yesterday. Faster time on the treadmill, making it to work five minutes before when you made it yesterday, cooking the dinner you wanted to make yesterday but was too lazy to do (ok, I’m talking to myself right here). Whatever it is, I empower you do it today! YOU CAN DO IT!

Knowing is Empowerment