What is PCOS

I was thinking about why I wrote yesterday’s topic of Loving Me and I couldn’t help but to share it with you today. It’s because of PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome that I had to learn to love myself even more.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) affects women differently but in most but without self-love, the results could be damaging to one’s spirit. The pain of facing never having children or getting a date due to having facial hair or being tired more often than necessary because of being overweight or possibly underweight can be overwhelming.  The thoughts of having possible health issues such as obesity, heart disease and cancers can be draining which can turn into self-loathing and depression. PCOS can possibly make a woman feel…less than a woman.

PCOS Diagnosis

However, it doesn’t have to happen. How one looks at PCOS and what they do about it can change the total outlook on the disorder. If one wades in the horrible, miserable, terrible aspects of it, the muck and mire of what it could do will saturate the mind, cloud judgments and can render one helpless, afraid and alone. It can cause a woman not to seek relationships for the fear of rejection. It can cause a woman to feel disgusted with her body and do things to it that would be considered unhealthy. It can make a woman feel so low about herself that she would close herself off to the world.

But we are powerful! We are magical! We are women who can do wonders with make-up (I can’t but I’ve seen women with PCOS teach how to do wonders with it on YouTube), fashion and hair. We are women who are fantastic in relationships and are willing to go the extra mile in them. Not because we’re desperate but because it’s who we are at our core. We love hard and we fight for what we love hard. We are women who can be independent and driven. We are uninhibited and fearless!

And we are daughters, sisters, wives, mothers, bosses, television personalities, celebrities, scientists, teachers, lawyers – the list goes on and on!  We’re everyday women who deserve to be loved beyond PCOS – even by our own selves. We need self-love and self-esteem but we need others to understand that sometimes we just don’t have it to give it to ourselves. We can get burnt out trying to love ourselves against all of this and the world’s reaction to it. So from time to time, we need help. We need love from others. We need to not be reminded of PCOS and what it does to us. We sometimes don’t need to be reminded that ingesting certain foods or going to certain environments are some of the worse things we can do to our bodies. Our bodies remind us of it enough. We need supporters, lovers, partners. We need allies, not people who pity us.

I love me because I am an awesome person beyond Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I love myself in spite of having PCOS. I love that I am funny and that I can find the humor in things. I love that I am talented. I love my self-confidence. I love that I’m fearless. I love that I am courageous. I love that I am curvy. I love that I am filled with joy. I love that I exist. I love that I am a fighter. I love ME!

Until next time, love yourself beyond whatever ails you, saddens you, frustrates you, depresses you. You’re worth all the love you have inside you and more. Love yourself first and may everything else that befalls you be easier to handle.

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