Ms. Know-It-All

I’m so guilty of being a Ms. Know-It-All.  I really am! If someone asks me a question about health or the anatomy of the body, I’m pretty spot on. If someone talks about cooking and baking, I’ve got thing or two to say about it. In terms of politics, I rely on my political science background to guide me through the discussion. In my chosen profession, Human Resources, people come to me to discuss job opportunities, make decisions about benefits, vent their frustrations and to get training on how to be better for the company. However, I’ve recently been asked a question that stumped this Ms. Know-It-All:

Who are You

Who am I is a question that many people, including Know-It-All’s like myself, struggle to answer. Sometimes it’s because we truly do not know who we are but it also can be that we’re clueless of how much to tell another person. See, the information I’ve listed above can be learned by any and everybody at any given time. They could learn the history of why it came to be, the way it is now and how it will shape the future. But when it comes to a person, it’s not so simple to divulge to the world the answer to Who Are You.

Even for a person like me who has taken up blogging to be a better person to herself, it’s still hard to share who I am or what I am about in totality. So I came up with a list of 5 things you should know about me. Not my roles in life, not my profession, not my causes. This list is all about me.

5 Things You Need To Know

  1. My favorite foods are chocolate, watermelon and hot wings. Seriously! If that’s all I had on a daily basis, I wouldn’t be an angry soul.
  2. The life I planned is not the same one I’m living. Not a bad thing at all (it’s far better than I thought or could wish for), just the honest truth.
  3. I’m experimental with food. I rarely cook with a recipe and even then, I do “my enhancements” to make it my own creation.
  4. I’ve lost a child. I have an angel child named Speranza who awaits us in the next life. She is my reason to continue to have hope while my other daughter, Bordeaux, is my reason to continue to live my best life.
  5. I’m nearing thirty-five years of life on this earth and I still don’t know what is my purpose in life. All I know is that I am to help others, but how is of which I’m not sure.

Basically, that’s all I know of me that is separate and apart from function. When asked about my chosen style of fashion, a hairstyle, current hobbies, etc, I couldn’t tell you much about them. I could tell you that I choose my fashion and hairstyle based on what fits my body and head the best. I have no current hobbies because I work full-time and when I go home, I’m a full-time wife and mother. My family is my life and my job is my way to give them the world.

However, not knowing everything about me is fine with me. Why you ask? Simple: because I can continue to get to know me. I can continue to explore and experience life. I can continue to surprise myself about certain interests which will keep my life interesting aside from my functions in life. Not knowing everything about me actually is a blessing because I can open myself up to new experiences without reservation.

Mr. Know-It-All2

Until next time, become okay with all the things you do not know about yourself. Find and use those moments to explore and experience life differently and without reservation. You might find that your life is fuller and richer and far more interesting than expected.