Yesterday was one of those days for me. I just had enough and truthfully, I’m not sure if enough is the best word to describe how I honestly feel. Let me give you some back story of why I felt this way. In 2014, I took a job as the general manager’s assistant. I loved that job! I mean I really and truly loved it. Unfortunately, it didn’t have any upward mobility which was the downside to having such a position. So in January of this year, I applied and interviewed for the Human Resources Associate position in hopes that it would yield more opportunity for upward movement. In February, I was selected for the position and have been challenged ever since.

There are many pluses to having this job and I really enjoy those benefits but when the negatives hit, it leaves me to wonder why did I even apply for this position. Yesterday, I thought I had enough. Between listening to unfortunate news, to finding out that information that was supposed to be sent out a month ago still haven’t been sent, to managers wanting to use me as a bad guy because they don’t want to be and the messiness of the office that constantly reminds me of the mess I walked into when I took this position.


I’ve been told I’m too nice. Why am I mentioning this? Because nice people will set boundaries but won’t tell anyone about it. I do this often and then when I experience days like yesterday, I want to quit because I’ve had enough.  Truth is, I had no limits. I had no boundaries. I had nothing in place to keep my sanity in check. So in reality, I didn’t have enough. I had nothing. Yesterday, I experienced the bottom without the net of enough. Enough is a limit. Enough is a boundary. Enough allows your sanity to remain in place because it’s a warning. Exceeding the limit of enough gives way to thoughts of self-doubt, inadequacy and quitting. To some, it may be just the push they need to find something better for them. To others, like myself, it is a good way learn what is your limit and set boundaries.


Learn from my mistakes and set your boundaries as soon as possible. Don’t let a lack of boundaries be the reason why you’re stressed out and wanting to quit. Don’t let having zero limits be the reason why you’re burnt out when you get home, or longing for the next holiday or vacation to come around so you won’t see those familiar faces. Don’t let the lack of the enough safety net be the reason for health issues to creep up on you. You’re too essential to your job and to your home life for that to happen. There are others aside from those at the place that upsets you who need you. You must establish what is enough – if not for yourself, it should be for those who you love.

Until next time, learn and set your boundaries. Love yourself enough to know when to say when and then do something about it. Start setting appointments, limit the reasons why people are coming to see you, or find a way to decompress after unfortunate news. Whatever you do, develop boundaries and let people know your new limits. At the end of the day, we go home by ourselves and we deserve to give those we love enough of us to replenish our spirits to do it again tomorrow.enough3