Following the Crowd1

I seriously think I’m the only one who is not playing that Pokemon game that is hot right now. I hear and see it everywhere – from my neighborhood to my job – people are wandering around tied to their cellphone trying to find animated creatures. Truth be told, I’ve never liked Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh or any of that nonsense. It’s just not my thing. Come to think of it, many things that a lot of others like are not my thing. Vice versa can be said as far as things I like as well. Not many people share my love of new age music or my excitement over hot wings. I’m okay with that.

Nevertheless, I do have questions: how does a game get such a following?  Does everyone know what they’re playing? Are they playing to be apart of the crowd or because they desired to play for their own interests?  I’m only curious because if the above quote by Albert Einstein is correct, that’s as far as anyone will see them go. According to the quote, those Pokemon players will follow that crowd to the next big thing and so on and so forth until either the games become boring or unsupported by the game industry.  I wonder are they okay with being apart of this crowd?

Following the Crowd2

I do, sometimes, have to remember that curiosity can kill the cat.  Time after time, I’ve been so interested in what others are doing that I forget that it’s not something in which I’m wanting to truly invest my time or energy. That’s how I got started on Candy Crush. Aside from games, this can be applied to other facets of life. How many times did you want to befriend a person simply because they were “popular”? How many times did you want to go to a certain place simply because everyone said the spot was “the place to be”? How many times did you express that you felt a certain way simply because your friends felt that way and you didn’t want to be different? How did you feel? Were you okay with what you did despite how much it went against your personal beliefs or interests?

Did you know you didn’t have to do what everyone else is doing? Did you know you were entitled to your own interests and your own beliefs?  Did you know that because you were your own person, you can make your own decisions and follow them through without considering the beliefs and interests of others? You are your own person! I learned my lesson with this when leaving from home to go to college. Sure I heard all the parental lessons from what seemed like the last seventeen years of my life scoot through my head, stopping at any that could be applied to the situation at hand. But the actual implementation of them still was up to me to do. When questioned on why I chose the route I did, my replied was simple: because it was my decision to make, not anyone else’s. That remains my answer now, years after this time of my life has long passed (try doubled). I believe in that answer so much, my daughter has her own answer: “cause I did”.

Following the Crowd3

What about you? Are you doing things that will keep you popular with others or things that will keep you happy with yourself? If you’re doing things that are popular but are making you happy, enjoy! But if you’re doing things for the sake of others and are not enjoying it, consider being different. Find out what your interests are and go for them! Who knows how you’ll end up doing something that you enjoy!

Until next time, I’m going to leave you with my absolute favorite poem of all time by Robert Frost. It helps to remind me why I’m rebellious in nature, why I go my own way, why I take the road less traveled. It’s because it makes me happy and I like being happy, regardless of whether or not others like me to be happy.

Following the Crowd4