Appreciating Life1

Every person who has ever lived have a birthday.  Usually as the birthdays pile up,  the honored one make remarks about how old they are getting, things that they used to do which can no longer be done, and a possible reminder of “don’t remind me” when it comes down to someone saying, “you’re another year older”. As today marks another year older for me, I understand these sentiments very well. As a matter of fact, I told someone earlier as they gave me their well-wishes that I’ll “turn up just as soon as I get out of bed” and that  “This old lady isn’t as spry as she used to be.” I’m young and I know it but every birthday, the older you get, puts something in to perspective.

Appreciating Life2

Birthdays are days of celebration and contemplation. I know for me, I use it to remember where I’ve been in my life and to celebrate it.  There was a time that I didn’t appreciate birthdays. That changed in March of 1998 when I lost my dearest aunt at the age of 39. I’m very close to that age and it makes me reflect on things I’ve gotten to accomplish that she never did. I got married while she passed on engaged.  I had kids while she was planning to adopt. I got to travel the world while the furthest we’ve known her to travel was Canada. I know this seems like me competing with my aunt to have the most wishes crossed off of our bucket lists, but it is not that. It’s me using her as the reason for me to appreciate birthdays and life in general.

 2001 and 2016.jpg

I’m celebrating the fact that I got to marry the love of my life at age 21. I’m celebrating the fact that we spent 11 years together before we were able to bring a child into the world to raise. I’m celebrating the fact that I’ve grown as a woman and into a woman with her own belief system, her own sense of humor, her own view of life. I’m celebrating health, wealth, the love I’ve been given and the fact that I can give love to others. I’m celebrating the very fact that I’m still here to appreciate the life I had, the life I have and the ability to continue to live when so many others did not get the same opportunity.

Appreciating Life3

Until next time, regardless of whether or not we share a birthday, take the time to appreciate and to celebrate your life. Take some time to reflect on how you’ve changed through the years and celebrate the fact that you’re still here to appreciate your life. Some will never have that opportunity again.