Pet Peeves2

I’m a person who enjoys talking with people. As human resources for my company, it’s my job to be the authority on health benefits, job listings and filing. Many come to my office to seek advise on any of those elements and no matter what the outcome, they know the human resources side of it as far as their option. However, there are people who take things a little too far. They ask questions just to seemingly waste time. It doesn’t matter who’s time it is, they just want to waste it.

Pet Peeves1

This is a better name than I use for people who decide to waste my time in this manner, especially if the way they went about things did not work out because they ignored my expertise. These people usually come to me wanting pity or at least some sort commiseration.   However, that’s not what I want to give them. I want to give them a strong “talking to” about wasting my time – and ultimately their time – with the result of nothing. This speaks to me about their time management skills, which is something I can’t teach due to my own personal lack of time.

Pet Peeves4

Listen, everyone wants to be heard and everyone wants to be respected when it comes to observing the advice. But no one wants their time wasted. It’s too precious of a commodity to waste on someone who does not value it.  Besides, when one begins to understand the value of time and the preciousness of someone’s advice, the receiving party will then strive to make sure the time they spend with the giver is used wisely.

Until next time, evaluate whether or not you have “askhole” tendencies. If you do, see how you view another person’s time and do what you can to change how you perceive it. If you are the recipient of others askhole tendencies, you may want to do a self-evaluation of why you may be inundated with people who mean your time no good.  Is it your job (which is my situation)?   Is it your patience? It is your ability to be available when they need you regardless of what you may have to do? Whatever the case may be, it’s up to you to change it. With regards to me and my “askholes”, I think I’m going to have to frame the meme below and place it outside my door.

Pet Peeves6

On second thought, I may get more who will ask me if it was describing them.  Oh boy!