Friday Funday3


Once again, we’ve made it to Friday!!!!!  All week I’ve been without my best friend/husband and today we are to reconnect. I know, I know, some of you go longer without your significant others or may be enjoying life without that kind of relationship, but there is always someone you miss when they’re gone but extremely happy and grateful for their return.

This return is a little special because it is the day before my husband’s birthday and we always celebrate together since our birthdays are literally six days apart. No joke. Same year, same month, just six days difference. And before anyone asks, yes, I’m the older one. I’m the cougar!! LOL!!

This weekend is also special because we roll into a week’s vacation. A time where our family can join together and enjoy each other’s company without the complication of the outside world. The only issue is: what are some fun things to do in the heat of Central California?

Your Turn

So, I ask you: what are some fun things you’d like to do in your area when reconnecting with loved ones or good friends? I’d love to know what they are and perhaps, if we have something similar in our area, we may try to do them too. Just leave a suggestion below.

Until next time, enjoy your Funday Friday! By the way, if you have big plans (or small ones you’re really excited about), feel free to share them in the comments below. In this day and time, we all need something to smile about and to cheer on. So let us know so I can smile and cheer you on.

Friday Funday2