I’m verbose. I know this.  I’m reminded of this every time I’m cut off mid-sentence by someone who wants to finish my sentence. It’s not that I speak slow but it’s the point that I do actually think about the words I say in a better effort to be tactful.  But what does it say to me when someone cuts me off so they can say what is on their mind, expect me to fully hear them out and then I am to give a short, condensed reply because the person receiving my response is too impatient to hear the full response? Does it mean that what I have to say is less important than their time? Does it mean that my sanity isn’t worth their attention?

Whatever it is, I find it disrespectful. I find it to be a complete disregard for the time it took for me to formulate and communicate a complete response. While I respect everyone’s right to free speech, I still feel as if people are forgetting that the First Amendment does not negate the fact that respect of the person is still needed. If there is any regard for the person at all, then more care should be given to their sanity. Perhaps if more people would understand what it takes to actually formulate and communicate a response that would help the other person in the long run, then maybe both parties sanity and time would not be wasted.

Until next time, carefully observe how you receive the responses others give you. Do you cut people off in an effort to speed along the process of getting the information you want or need? How do you view the other person’s time of getting and giving the information you wanted in the first place? Do you actually respect the energy it took for them to give you what you wanted?  Do you allow for people to cut you off so they can say what is on their mind?

All I’m saying is that if communication is a problem in our world today, perhaps this may be one of the reasons. Let’s do better. We can do better.