Lately, as I re-read my posts, I feel my blog has been more of a downer than an upper. So I’m changing the mood today.  Recently, my weight has started to be in my thoughts more and more and while I know that means I’m to make some changes, I get (what I call) a sign from the Universe to love myself the way I am. But every now and then, I get a sign like the one above that states that I may have indulged enough.

In light of this being Funday Friday, I am going to list a few of my favorite Chocolate-honoring memes as a way of continually indulging in chocolate without adding to my waistline.

# 5


This is one I need for the office.

# 4


This one belongs in my office too.

# 3


This is for those who are like me when it comes to chocolate.

# 2


This is for those like me who are eco-friendly. #SaveEarthSaveChocolate

Last but not least, my favorite chocolate meme:

# 1


Yep! Just like it’s five o’clock somewhere for a good, cold beer, it’s always raining somewhere. So why save chocolate for a rainy day in your area when you could celebrate rain that occurs anywhere in the world? Makes total sense to me.

Your Turn

Do you have a favorite food that challenges your view on health because it’s so good? Let me know in the comment section.

Until next time, enjoy life and indulge in your favorite foods this weekend! You deserve it!

Friday Funday2