Monday 4

Do you ever have a certain day that you’d be okay with having if it didn’t come so often? Mondays are like that for me. I’m okay with the occasional Monday – like the type of Mondays that are actually holidays in disguise. In changing my mindset from the negative to the positive, this is another area that I must change. How I view my days will determine how positive or negative the week will go. This explains why I prefer the holiday Mondays over the regular Monday. It’s because that Monday is an extra day of relaxation for me. Another day I can spend doing things that interest me. Another day where I can be with my family and myself doing our shenanigans.

But this blog post isn’t about me complaining about Mondays. Nope. Not at all. It’s about me understanding Mondays and what they have to offer. Mondays do a lot more than start off the work week for the typical “nine to fiver”. It is the business day in many work places. It is the day that most of those who work it are able to set the priorities for the week. Mondays, for me, is the day I work the hardest so that the rest of the week would be easier and more productive. It’s also a day that tends to go by pretty fast depending on how many meetings I attend.

Monday 2

More than what Mondays have to offer me at work, it offers me personally a day to help the family get off to the best start for their week as well. Many of the week’s decisions are made on Monday so they be executed throughout the week. It’s the day I can change certain decisions made in haste or with poor judgment last week. It’s the day that I can start a new regiment and review why the old one didn’t work. All around, it’s a positive day for new starts. We all need new starts from time to  time and if it wasn’t a Monday, it would be another day that may be dreaded as well.

Until next time, reevaluate how you view your version of a dreaded day. Why do you dread it? How can you change the way you feel about that particular day? If you have a heavy load on that day, can you lighten it so it won’t be a day you dread?  Basically put, what can you do to make it a day you welcome versus just survive? After all, any day we’re alive should be a day for which we should be grateful to live, not just thankful to survive.

Monday 1