My husband and I typically work Monday through Friday and our kid goes to preschool during that time. So the mornings are a chaotic time for our family. We have to get up, get ourselves ready, get her up, get her ready and then leave. My husband and I are pretty quick to get things accomplished but our kid is slow. I mean I probably have seen faster turtles and snails with regards to getting somewhere in a timely manner. This kid will argue about getting up for school, argue about putting on clothes and shoes, will take her shoes off, argue about which shoes she wants to wear, then will proceed to tell everyone to get out of the house so she can stop off at the bush in the front yard to pick off berries. This is when she will yell loudly what color they are after which she will tell us what color car she wants to ride in that day. We still have to get her to school and then we have to haul tail to our jobs as well. Some mornings are busier than others but her speed is just the same.


In my quest to find out why this bothers me so much, I stepped back to look at things. In the slowness of her activity, she is taking the time to recognize her surroundings. In her leisurely way, she is appreciating the few moments of quiet before she is around other four and five year old children (she’s an only child right now). This is like adult coffee time to her. That moment when she can collect herself and brace for the day. The possible only moment of her day where she feels she can be unhurried and sluggish. In my own world, I long for a moment to do that and here I am rushing her while pleading with her to be faster.  That’s why she doesn’t have any worries. She goes with the flow, taking things one step at a time, allowing herself to be one with nature and acknowledging the things she’s learned like colors, plant types, the new neighbors’ names and much, much more.


I don’t slow down. I never take the time to smell the roses because someone is always needing me for something. I never really have embraced making time for myself to slow down either because I feel that if I do, I will lose the momentum I need to do what I must do when I need to do it. But that has not proven to be the best method of living for me which is validated by the fact that I have anxiety. Life should not be so busy that I forget to breathe properly. Life should not be so busy that I forget to eat. Life should not be so busy that I cannot rest well.  I know, I know. You may think that I’m saying I don’t want to adult. On the contrary. I’m saying that because I’m an adult, I should be able to do what it takes to give myself time to slow down.


Until next time, if you find yourself as busy as me, join me in slowing down and taking the time to appreciate life more often. Join me in checking out the bushes next to your door to see what colors are there. Join me in walking slower to the car because you’re basking in nature. Join me in taking more time to enjoy the day. We all deserve a break.