Last night, I decided to relax. No house cleaning, no hopping on social media, no going straight into the routine of cooking dinner. I just walked in and…relaxed.

Do you know what happened? The family still was fed. The kid still got her bath. The pets still got fed. And while I did feed the kid and supervised her bath, I came in and relaxed first.  Sometimes we’re so busy and into our routines that we forget to relax. It doesn’t matter if one works in the home or outside of it, everyone needs to relax. Relaxation helps with everything, from sleeping better to having better sex.


Every day, try to find some way to relax. It doesn’t mean you’re shirking responsibilities. It doesn’t mean you’re lazy. It means you care about you enough to stop and check in with yourself. Things will get done. Things will happen with or without you. You’re worth at least five minutes, don’t you agree? Below are a few tips on how you can relax more.


Until next time, relax and know that things will be done in time. You deserve a break. Have you had a break today?