Bordeaux on the Ferris Wheel

The “Thing 1” aka The Chicky B

So today was the day it happened. The kid’s four years old (going on 44) and she did kindly announce that it was wake up time and that I needed to get up. She said that the sun was out so it’s not rest time but wake up time. She encouraged me to get up. All I did was roll over. She said “mommy get up.” All I did was shove a tablet in her face with Spongebob the Movie on it and roll over the other way. She gave me one final chance to get up and I just curled up and sunk back in my bed under the covers. She just didn’t understand that Mommy and Daddy wanted adult time last night and tried to replay a moment in our lives where we didn’t have kids and could stay up all night. Truthfully, we barely made it to midnight. My, oh my, how times have changed!


An accurate comic about what we both looked like on the couch at around midnight.

Next thing I know the kid leaves the room and then comes back shortly bearing the gift of clothes. “Mommy, I’m getting dressed.” She’s a fashionista so I’m not at all worried about the clothes she chose to wear. Seriously, even the outfits I find most questionable are still cute as you don’t know what.

Case And Point.  Isn’t she not the cutest?!

Yet and still, I did nothing but said “okay”. Then she left the room and it happened. Silence. Silence happened. EVERYONE KNOWS silence and a four-year old don’t mix. I got up and sat on the edge of the bed. I called her name. Still silence. I called her name a little louder. Silence continued. I put my feet on the floor to get ready to put on clothes to find her.  That’s when her muffled mouth replied, “I’m eating mommy!” “Eating what?”, I replied. With a clearer mouth she said, “Chicken!” She fed herself her chicken strips while watching television. That’s when I realized the last part of her toddler dependence is gone. I always could count on feeding her to be a reason she needs me but that has now switched to the last hurdle: tying shoes. But after today, I realized she is beginning to fully understand her kid independence.

Therefore, in honor of the ever-changing Parent Thing, I’ve gathered some awesome comics together for a laugh. I hope you enjoy!


Until next time…have a wonderful Saturday! As for me, it’s time to have this conversation: