In my last post, Max the Movie and Life, I shared that we are a military family.  This means we move – a lot! This is our move year and while we know where we’re going, we still have to be where we are currently for at maximum one hundred days. I’m excited but this leaves me with a question: what can we do in a hundred days that we haven’t done in the eight hundred plus days we’ve been here? Trust me, it’s quite a bit.

In these last one hundred days, we still have work, school, military events to attend, inventory, open enrollment, orientations and much, much more. But we also have to plan the move, get our things together, be there for the movers, say goodbye to friends and co-workers and leave the area. Maybe there will be time for more exploration and adventure but at this time, it doesn’t seem like it.

In life, we’re often presented with many opportunities to be adventurous. It’s just as often that we don’t take life up on opportunities due to money, time and obligations. We’ve got to realize that life is fleeting and that what we do with it is what counts in the end. We can’t always let money, time or prior obligations be what stops us from being adventurous.

We live in an age that has the ability to type in a few words to a computer search engine and have it return options that would suit the requester’s needs. Other than the three things I mentioned before (time, money and prior obligations), we don’t really have an excuse to shirk adventures. We have to remember two things when it comes to adventures and how we view them:

  1. We’re teaching our children how we feel adventures are to be prioritized. This can make or break a kid’s view of adventure because if a child feels adventurous but does not go anywhere, television may be the only options they have. When that happens, they may get a very skewed view of the world because, well, Hollywood. Being adventurous and going to places that satisfy the curiosities of a child not only helps to strengthen parental bonds but also helps to fortify our knowledge about that place.
  2. We’re continuously securing our thoughts on our own views of adventures. One thing about adulthood is that we can (if we want to) change things that happened in our childhood. This does include our thoughts and views that may have been instilled in us when we were children. I’m doing that now with my kid. As I discussed in Navigating The Grapevine At Midnight, I’m currently changing some things that were instilled in me as a child that honestly no longer applies as I’ve gotten older. Adventures are one of them. Not every adventure should be a replica of what went on during childhood. Need ideas for adventures? Check out what’s in your local area that is of interest. Look through travel magazines and websites. Talk to people who seem to travel different places each time there is a holiday. Make it your business to get to know yourself better by challenging yourself to find an adventure of interest.


Until next time, be adventurous! Travel! Go to that place you’ve always wanted to go. Or at least make the plans to take that trip. Be courageous! Be bold! You can do it! Trust me! I just came back from a trip that I’ve wanted to do since 1983. I finally went to Los Angeles to see the Staples Center, the arena in which my beloved Los Angeles Lakers play. Ever since I saw the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar do his famous skyhook in the arena in 1983, I’ve wanted to go to Los Angeles and see the center. I made my dream come true this year. The only time it’s ever too late to fulfill a travel wish is when you’re no longer here to do it. Good thing it’s no longer one adventure I should have in our last one hundred days here.