I stopped watching the news when my husband joined the Navy. Now, that does not mean I’m ignorant of what’s going on in today’s society. It just means I’m more selective of what enters my mind.  I think I can thank aging for that. With that being said, when I get on social media, I always see a person’s opinion about current affairs posted for the world to see, threatening those who disagree with them to unfollow or unfriend them as soon as possible.  When I see those posts, I cringe because, in my mind, they have no idea what they are asking those who disagree with them to do. Sure, it seems as if they are trying to avoid the negativity and the drama that may come but, in reality, they are just trying to find some support in their feelings. Sometimes, they just don’t want to feel alone in either a very unpopular stance or want to see who will agree with them. In my experience, I’ve seen friends who will swallow their own opinions for the sake for friendship and loyalty.


Every single time I see a person post their version of the “unfriend/unfollow me if you don’t agree with me” message, the above image comes to mind. Everyone has a point of view. Whether the view comes from the lessons that have been instilled in them through childhood or through life’s experiences as an adult, it is through those lenses that their view of what it is to be is seen. It’s hard to see someone else’s view when one’s not even wearing those same glasses, or facing the same direction or even in the same area as the other person.  When others fail to even consider that their friends may have a different point of view, it shows me that the need to be right is more important than their friends being able to voice their opinion. When one silences the thoughts and opinions of others, it further shows me they can’t handle having their views be wrong.


It’s time we take an individual look at what truths we are clinging to and their ties to our point of view. Is it something that no longer make sense to hold on to? Is it a tradition, a historical fact or is it a legally binding, contractual truth that makes up our point of view?  An example of this can be made with regards to today’s standard of bride’s dresses. Most women have the point of view that brides are to wear white but I (as a woman who wore all black to match my husband’s black suit) challenge that thought by using each possibility that may make up many women’s point of view:

  1. It is tradition for today’s brides to wear white at the wedding.
  2. It is a historical fact that bride wore white at the wedding to symbolize purity.
  3. There is nothing that legally binds a brides to wear white at their wedding.

Sometimes, when we decide to step out of our comfort zone and actually attempt to understand another person’s point of view, we may learn more about ourselves and the ones closest to us. We’re not all right, we’re not all wrong. We’re just seeing things through our own lenses. Is it wrong that we don’t have the same set of glasses? NO! If we did have the same point of view, life would be boring, monotonous and less interesting.  Conversations would be unnecessary and we would lose our ability to truly communicate with each other. It is common thought that social media is allowing people to get to this state. I believe it’s our belief that our own desire for our point of view to be right is what’s causing people to stop communicating. Sadly, this is how we’re becoming disconnected with one another. We can’t accept others disagreeing with us and we’re isolating ourselves to those who are our “yes people”. As we all know, constantly having the word yes given to us too often may promote habits that we shouldn’t have. In the end, differing opinions helps us to keep life in perspective.


Until next time, please understand that we’re all looking through different glasses. We’re not always all right or wrong. We’re just looking in the direction in the area in which are glasses are angled.  We can’t fault others for their opinions, no matter how much we’d like for them to agree with us. It’s actually at that time we should switch glasses and see life from a different point of view.