Earlier this week, I saw a meme that comically reminded those who work a Monday – Friday schedule that other people still have to work the weekends and to not celebrate too hard. Working in the administrative department of a retail store, I know all too well how true that meme is and while I love Fridays as the end to my week, I know it may be the “Monday” or “Wednesday” to another.

Because of that, I’m changing my Funday Fridays to Funny Fridays. This day will be dedicated to showing comics about a specific topic that I find funny in hopes that your Friday will be a good day regardless of your work circumstance.

My work circumstance is this: I’m Human Resources for my retail complex. So all of the following comics are related to the things I encounter on Fridays.

On Fridays, associates always seems to think differently about casual Fridays:


On Fridays, associates always seem to think differently about staying their full shift:


On Fridays, associates always seem to think that they can slack off on Fridays:


Until next time, enjoy the reminder below and your Friday.  May it be a great work day!