It’s costume time for family and this year’s theme for our family is superheroes. The tradition is that we do each costume separately which is because our daughter usually goes as Doc McStuffins. This is the first year she is going to be something different and we’re all for it!  2016 will unleash SuperGirl in our home.  Right now, she’s in our backyard training with the dog to fly. She believes in her invincibility. She believes in her ability to fly. She believes in her ability to not eat the food I fix because SuperGirl’s strength comes from her cuteness.  After seeing her, one has to love her imagination.



Sometimes, I envy her. I love how her imagination propels her from wanting to be Doc McStuffins with all her toys to Spongebob Squarepants who talks to Patrick (my husband can do the voice of Patrick very well) while in the store. I love how she saw the SuperGirl costume and her imagination ran wild. She wanted to fly immediately! She thought she could do anything she set her mind to do, including trying to jump out of the shopping cart onto asphalt in a busy shopping center parking lot (I crushed that thought immediately by catching her). And that’s what we, as her parents, are trying to nurture within her. We are striving to boost her self-esteem so high that she realizes she can be her own SuperGirl. She can do whatever she puts her mind to doing and she can be anything she desires as long as she works hard to accomplish it.


As adults, often times we’ve lost our sense of imagination and, because of that, we try to crush it in our kids under the guise of “keeping it real” or telling the truth.  For us, we kept it real about entities such as Santa or the Easter bunny but we’ve always encouraged her to think more about how she views herself. Right now, she’s a superhero just like her Daddy (he’s dressing up as Superman and I’m dressing up as a very Retired Wonder Woman). She believes her Daddy can do anything just like her.  So she fights crime (basically telling the pets what they can and cannot do), fights thirst (hands out waters and kool-aid pouches to those who need it) and fights the stigma that girls are just solely to play with dolls and kitchen play sets all the time. Now if we can help her imagine how awesome doing all of this could be in a cleaner space, it would even more amazing! Right now, Chicky B-land has its “citizens” (her toys and other items of hers) everywhere. When you’re in Chicky B-land, you have to be careful not to step on the “citizens”. SuperGirl will get you.


Until next time, enjoy your Saturday and try to visit your imagination. Your inner child will thank you for your time and attention. As for us, we’re hanging out with SuperGirl today.