Time 5

Because of what I discussed in 100 Days, there is a phrase that has often come out of my mouth as of late: I don’t have time. In this day and age, it seems that time is getting harder and harder to find and is occurring less and less. Even with all of this technology that is designed to simplify our lives and make it easier to find time for moments that matter, some of us still cannot find time to accomplish what matters.  Or is that the truth?

Time 1

Many of the times I say I don’t have time but the truth is that I refuse to give time to that which needs to be accomplished. I purposefully spend time doing things that could wait or is less important instead of prioritizing my time better. Why? Not because I am unable to do them or because they are too hard for me to do. It’s because I think the time it takes to do them will be longer than it really takes to complete it. I’m the worst at guesstimating the amount of time it takes to do things. I don’t really take the time to really see how long it takes me to start and complete tasks so I lack actual proof of time.

Time 3

But it goes deeper than this. It goes to show how much I care about the thing I’m doing and if I don’t care about it, most likely, I’ll put my time to something I think matters more. But what happens when the things I should care about the most (i.e. my family, friends, my job, my own life, etc.) starts to matter less to where I begin to spend the time I use in those areas elsewhere? Am I actually overwhelmed with that person, place or thing or is there something more going on? Whatever it is, time for self-evaluation must be taken into consideration.

Time 2

I’m going to cut this pretty short since what matters to me is sitting right behind me and to the side of me wanting my attention. There’s nothing like family and I refuse to give them less of my time doing something else. So until next time, re-evaluate what is causing you to not have time to accomplish it.  If it is something that should be of great importance to you, try to figure out why it is not as important as it should be, even if that means seeking help. No matter what, ensure you have made time to do whatever is of importance to you in your life.

Time 4