As many of you may know, I’ve been married for quite a while. One thing I like about us is that we unite on so many topics. We both have a similar taste in foods, similar ways to relax and many other similarities that really helps to solidify our bond. However, we do disagree on many things. From politics to differences in what we consider fun activities, we can be as opposite as day is from night. In our conversations, we continuously take opposite sides of an argument and discuss them until the conversation gets dull, a new conversation topic arises or we get invaded by a four year old who has a conversation of her own she’d like to discuss.  For us, there is one topic that, no matter how much we discuss it, we do not see eye to eye on it. So I’m bringing it to you.

The topic is: Does a happy wife actually equal a happy life? 

According to my husband, he says this is not true. However, I think differently and here’s three reasons why:

  1. A happy wife simply does more. When a woman is appreciated for what she does, she’s happy. When she’s happy, she simply does more. She eats better, exercises more, and takes better care of herself in general. Her significant other can benefit from that because in keeping her happy, she can feel happier with herself, freeing her to try new things and explore new areas of interest, which, in turn, could prove beneficial to both lives.


2. A happy wife will praise her significant other.  It’s easy for a woman to complain and nag about the things her partner isn’t doing. However, keeping a woman happy could prove to be beneficial to her partner in that she would reciprocate the feelings shown. You compliment her cooking, her cleaning, her looks, whatever she does, regardless of personal understanding of it, she will most likely reciprocate that action.


3. A happy wife is more apt to want to keep her significant other happy too. She’ll make sure her partner has what they need at all times. She’ll grab something her partner likes at the store that makes them happy just to see the smile on their face. She’ll cook their favorite meal. She’ll wear the outfit that she knows her significant other likes. Basically put, she’ll learn and do what keeps her partner happy because she’s happy too and wants to make her loved one just as happy as they have made her.


So what say you? Does a happy wife actually equal a happy life? Let me know in the Talk To Me section below. I’d love to know your thoughts on it.

Until next time, enjoy your Saturday and think about keeping the significant woman in your life happy!