Have you ever been so tired that your tired is tired? Like you’re so tired that you stare out into space for so long that when you blink, your eyes hurt?  Like you’re so tired that if you think about something, you feel like you’ve been working and that makes you even more tired?  If so, you know exactly what I’m feeling right now.  So rest assured this will be short and sweet (Maybe that was a pun, maybe not. I’m too tired to tell).


With everything that’s going on in the United States, I often hear the sentence “I’m tired”. However, after seeing everything that comes on television, hear on the radio or experience personally, I can’t help but to wonder if they are generally tired or if their soul is tired. Going through such a turbulent period of time for a while can lead to being weary. Everything one does to “perk” themselves up or to feel more rested just ends up being a wasted effort because it’s not the results of physical exertion they are trying to remedy. It’s soul exhaustion.


If you’re experiencing soul exhaustion, please know that it’s okay to step away. For me, when my soul gets exhausted, I limit my exposure to the vehicle that is trafficking the draining experience my way.  It means that I might choose to read a fictitious novel instead of watching television. It means that I may create something in the kitchen or clean up an area of my house that I haven’t given myself the opportunity to clean before. If I can, I will try to get away from it altogether but only after I’ve discussed it or written about it.


Until next time, always remember to nourish yourself. Truly take care of yourself because you are all you have. There is just one go around in this circle of life and you are the only rider of your life. Take care of it.