Friday Funday5

Today is Friday, September 30th and I have a serious question: What are you planning to wear for Halloween?!  For us, we enjoy goofing off and wearing costumes for Halloween. My husband and I have been scary and we’ve been sweet, while our kid has only been a tiger and Doc McStuffins.  This year, they’ve elected to go as superheroes.


Those are my two superheroes but in the spirit of being unified,  I have to find a superhero outfit. I’ve checked out WonderWoman and a few other costumes but I don’t think those costumes will fit me. I’ve even considered the superhero alternatives like Retired WonderWoman or Old Bat Woman, but I’m not sure how to go about doing that. So I’m turning to you.  If you celebrate Halloween, what are you planning to wear? I need ideas and time is running out.

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