One of my guilty pleasures is watching Empire. For some reason, I just enjoy watching it. On this past week’s episode, the song “Remember My Name” came on and it stuck with me. I asked my husband am I memorable and in no uncertain terms, he told me what my heart already knew: I’m not memorable. It’s true. I do nothing that makes me stand out. There is nothing that would make a person stop and remember me or something we’ve done together. I’m a safe person. The largest risk I take is trying out new restaurants and weight loss gimmicks.

I’m not saying this for pity or for friends. I’ve already stated that I’m not a friend in a previous post. I’m saying this as a way to think about how one is to be remembered.  Memories come and go, however, as the late poet laureate Maya Angelou stated:


Regardless of what circumstances causes one to remember me, it is my hope that the memory is a good one. I want them to remember that I made them feel better than the moments before they ever met me. To me, it won’t matter what I did – whether it was good or bad, necessary or desired. It matters that for that short reason or season I was in their life, I made a positive difference in their life.

Until next time, strive to convert your name into a memorable feeling. The name will come later but at the end of the day, it’s the feeling that may make or break the memories of a person. They wouldn’t want to remember a name of the person who left them feeling-less.  It would be useless to do so.