Hey there! How’s it going? Me? Right now, I’m lost for words. The state of today’s world is really confusing me right now and I’m simply lost for words. I know where I stand on things but I don’t know how to verbalize it. I have strong views but the debating or explanation of it exhausts me. Frankly put, I’m lost for words because I don’t have the energy to deal with the weight of them.


Have you ever thought about the weight of your words?  Have you ever thought about who is more affected by its weight: you or the receiver?  Does it matter to you?  Sometimes, I don’t think people realize the weight of words. From hearing them as an infant to the last words heard while alive, words matter. It can be the reason why some will do while others won’t. It can be the reason for peace or for violence. It can be the difference between friends and enemies.  Words matter. Intonation matters.


Right now, words are being pushed without much thought. They are being escorted and ushered in places without true consideration of its audience. One can take the current election in the United States. Words are being said, countered and then rephrased to cover up the truth. Words are being brought back from the past to counter a certain topic that has arisen now. Words are all these two have at this moment and the way they spew them makes me question their regard for those who are listening. Is it all about proving the other person wrong? Is it all about saying the words people want to hear without a sufficient way of making it happen?  People are listening. People are watching. People are waiting. The weight of words are heavy and its ripple effect reaches far and wide. Who it touches may not be in direct view but trust that it will have an effect on someone.


Until next time, consider your words and how the audience receives them. If you think they are heavy for you to say, imagine how heavy it is to hear and digest them especially if there is an action tied to it.  Whether you’re writing or speaking in front of someone, remember words matter and that it’s okay to be lost for words until you fully realize the impact the words you have to say. Not everyone can handle them and that can actually include the giver of the words too.