Yesterday, I discussed tips on how to land a job in retail.  Some may believe that since they have followed the tips suggested in that post that there is nothing more to it. But ah, that is not so. Sometimes, the part that messes a candidate up is the interview itself. There are three ways that people can mess up in their interview and not even know it.


1.  Zero eye contact and a lousy handshake does not a new hire make.  The first physical impression often times ranks you in the eyes of the hiring manager before any other words are spoken. How you begin your interview does have just as much of an impact as during and the end of your interview.  So walk in with your head held high, ready to receive mutual eye contact and with your hand extended ready to receive the hiring manager’s hand for a handshake.  It gives the impression that you are confident, trustworthy and that you are not intimidated by this entire experience.


2.  Hiring managers look for engagement from the body, not just from the mouth.  If you were on a date and your companion slouched in their seat, rolled their eyes, looked away while attempting to answer questions that were intended to draw interest, how would you feel? Hiring managers see this behavior during interviews all the time.  Your job during the interview (if you choose to accept it) is to  be engaged with the interviewer at all times.  It shows them that you’re listening and that you care.


3.  You’re not the only one but you can make them think you ARE THE ONE.  You are in direct competition with others for the same job. There may only be one position and what you do to get it makes every difference in the world if you truly desire to get the job.  Going in, there is nothing other than your name that sets you apart from your competitors. How you greet them, how you are engaged with them during the interview and the impression that you leave with them is what sets you apart. Give them a memory that will allow them to remember your name. I say name because that’s what you would want them to call should they choose you for the position. You do not want to be known as the distracted dude or the slouching senorita. You want them to call your name. A name indicates a uniqueness. It shows you are the one.


I sincerely hope you hear these words soon, especially if you have gone through a dry spell. Honestly, these are tips that I wish I had known when I spent a year looking for a job.  I understand that it can be arduous and daunting but it’s worth it when you hear the words “You’re Hired!”

Until next time, have an awesome day! As for me, I’m on my way to hosting a job fair where I’m sure I’ll see these same things over and over again.