Light is designed to enhance a person’s view of what is going on around them or as a way to lead them to a certain destination. We have lights in our homes, work, schools, churches and even on our cars. We have ways of getting light by candles, lanterns, flashlights, etc. We use them to divide the darkness just enough to make our way. So what happens when we don’t need an actual light to guide our way through life? What do we do then?


That’s what mentors, counselors, friends who’ve been through the same experience(s) and anyone else who could effectively “shed light” onto the situation. They are the ones who are the sound advice givers and are the trustees of your confidence. Do you have someone in your life that serves that purpose for you? Don’t be afraid to say you lack one at this time. I’m of the firm belief that some of those people are reason and season people instead of a lifetime. Some of the people who are our light bearers will fall into those categories. When it’s their time to exit your life, send them love, light and peace.


Are you the light in someone’s life? Do you brighten someone’s path? If not, do you know how? It goes beyond simply talking to someone. It involves listening. It involves them trusting you with situation and them being confident that what they’ve confided in you will remain with you. It involves you shining your light as a beacon to those who are lost or are in need of your light. Are you prepared for that? Just remember, if you choose to be a light, you cannot do so by blending into the darkness. That’s like choosing to be clean while in a dirty, muddy pig pen. You can’t be both. You can’t be both light and darkness. Darkness is the absence of light. So you must choose which you would like to present to others.


Until next time, if you are to be the light for someone, understand the responsibilities that come with being that light. Don’t shirk or shun any of the responsibilities that are tied with it. Don’t play with it. Too many people’s feelings and emotions are tied with this responsibility. Learn the amount of light you can give and when you can no longer give that light, be sure to show them the way to the next light bearer. Don’t forget that the light you give today may be the light given to you tomorrow.