Hi everyone! I’m so glad to be back after taking a week and a half off to collect myself. Work is hectic and the mere fact that I’m leaving my job in about 16 days does little to assuage that chaotic feeling. Currently, we’re in a standstill with the move so that does help on the home front. However, the break helped a great deal.

What doesn’t help is when the overload still follows you. I get it. Politics is everywhere! It doesn’t matter which pundit said something wrong or which candidate was inappropriate; it’s all being discussed ad nauseam for real. My husband has turned into the political junkie at home which I find funny because my major in school was political science while his was computer science. I go to work and it’s the talk of the break room, bathroom, the office space, the sales floor, the warehouse and many other places located within my job.

It’s on television almost non-stop depending on the channel. It’s on the radio depending on the station. It’s on social media incessantly. Simply put, everywhere I am, there it be also. This leads me to question my own efforts to distance myself from things that overload me. Do I really do as much as I can to separate myself from things that have the potential of burning me out?

This is not only for politics but for other things in life also. The best rest someone could have should not simply occur after a burnout. Yet, it seems that a person has to burnout before they understand they are not as well as they like to have been. So I’m encouraging self-care. Step away from what is burning you out. For example, according to an article on Skift, 41% of Americans did not take a vacation in 2015. According to another article on Skift, 42% of Americans did not take a vacation in 2014. So it seems that on average, 40% of our citizens attempt to relax and get away which leaves 60% of us who are not.  What does that say about our country? What does that mean for our country if 60% of its citizens are burned out year after year and are not taking a vacation to relax?


Take time to relax, to step away, to see another view, to drop the load for a change. Your mind need it, your body needs it, your soul needs it. This may mean avoiding certain conversations or people. It may mean altering your route to various places if you know that your regular route will upset you. It may even mean creating a new habit so that it won’t feel so bad as you release the old one. Regardless of how you take the time to release your overload, I just say do something about it that is healthy and enjoyable to you.

Until next time, take care of yourself and each other.

On another note, I want to dedicate this post to a friend of mine who has moved on to the next life. I want to thank her for her friendship and for teaching me to live while I have life. I want to thank her for teaching me the valuable lesson of keeping in touch with friends and letting them know I’m there, regardless of the miles between us. I know better how to be a friend because of you.  Until we meet again my friend…