Hi everyone! Before I made this post, wordpress told me that it’s been 14 days since I last wrote something. I reflected on what I did in that time that took me away from writing on here and besides preparing to move, preparing for the turnover, job hunting and caring for my family, I was experiencing everything the rest of the country was experiencing – the uproar, concerns, worries and the angst of the election. Despite the outcome, I think I have learned more about people than I thought I would. People are not at peace no matter the reason.  There is civil and economic unrest. There is a feeling of displacement for some, entitlement for others and general confusion in many.  No matter the adjectives used, it all can be summed up in one phrase: lack of peace.


Just like the meme says, peace is not the absence issue but rather our response to those issues. Basically put, we all can create peace within by observing our potential response to those issues and choosing a better response. How we respond to what’s happening in our lives can make or break whether or not peace enters and stays in our lives. With that being said, what are you choosing?  Put aside the reason for being upset for a moment. Is it worth it to be without peace in your life? No matter what, we all deserve to live in peace.


The above meme may have rules for inner peace but it leaves out a rule I’ve come to embrace in my quest for inner peace: Breathe deeply and slowly.  In those moments of breathing deeply and slowly, one can choose their reaction differently. Honestly, sometimes, that makes the difference between a positive or a negative outcome.

Until next time, as we enter the holiday season, I encourage us all to really give ourselves the gift of peace. May you find what gives you inner peace, experience it and may you be able to achieve that peace each and every time you need it. Since every journey begins with a small step, let me help you start. Inhale through your nose…exhale through your mouth. Namasté.