There are days when I question what am I meant to do with my life.  While those things are few and far between, they still come often enough for me to wonder if the trajectory of my life is still correct for me. Recently, I discovered Charlie Parker’s Ted Talk entitled “What Should I Do With My Life?” and it was the most interesting Ted Talk I’ve seen. Why? Because in the first two minutes, he discussed what he wanted to do when he was a kid and I can’t for the life of me remember what I wanted to be when I was a kid as young as 4. I do, however, remember what was ingrained in me at that age but I can’t remember if it is what I wanted too or if it was desired of me only.

The purpose of this post is not to down my upbringing or to make anyone feel as if they are not living to their fullest potential. It is, however, designed to help bring light to anyone who may be like me and are questioning their purpose in life. Please be encouraged by your questioning of your purpose because that means you are not only wanting to know but you’re wanting to eventually turn that knowledge into action.  You can do it! We can do it!

If you want to watch the video of Charlie Parker’s Ted Talk, please click here.

Until next time, trust that your purpose is out there and is waiting on you. In the meantime, your life is preparing you for your purpose so be okay with where you are in the journey. It all apart of your purpose!