Today was the day for me to pack up and clean the kitchen. To be honest, my least favorite chore in the entire world is washing dishes. I hate it with a passion. It’s a chore that I realize must be done but if there is a machine nearby that can do it, I will not stop it. I will not get in the way of it doing its job. Far be it for me to get in the way of a working machine, especially when it is here to help me.

Anyway, in order to the best job I can on the kitchen, I decided to get rid of all of the appliances that I am not or will not be using in the next few weeks. This included my food processor. Let me preface this by saying that I’m glad I had today to myself because the frustration I felt in the 2.5 hours I spent trying to figure out how to repackage my food processor was not for the faint of heart to witness. What we do is save the original packaging – yes, all the Styrofoam, the plastic, the tape, the instructions – and repackage the item when it’s time to move. So it should be easy to figure out how to get the item back in the box. It was easy for me to repackage a toaster oven, a Nutribullet, a microwave, a stand mixer and a few other items but when it came to that darn food processor, it didn’t make sense how I could put everything in the box! It was beyond frustrating!

I cannot tell you how many times I took the base of the packaging out and put it back in. I cannot tell you how many ways I tried to put it in the package just to have to yank it back out again. I cannot tell you how many times I came back to it after repackaging an easier item. For the life of me, I just couldn’t figure it out! I even googled it and google couldn’t help! So I took out the base of the packaging and I looked at it carefully. I noticed there were tabs on it – tabs that had to be taken apart. I took them apart and the base packaging opened up. I noticed how tall the packaging was and saw that if I fit the top of the food processor base through the hole, it would fit nicely. So I did just that. Lo and behold, when I closed the tabs back and it all fit, everything made sense! I quickly put the rest of the food processor components properly in the box and taped it up, leaving a beautifully packaged item ready for packing in my presence.

I learned a beautiful lesson from this. Everyone has heard the statement, “look/go/think outside the box”.  However, I challenge all of us to look around the box for the answers we need. So many times we look at the box, fiddle around with it, determine that we cannot do what we need to with it and then we either discard or disregard the box in its entirety because we cannot figure out how it’s to fit with our lives at the very moment we encounter it. But I say that’s when we’re to look around the box. Are there tabs we’re to open to get our answer? Is there a clue on the box that will lead us to the answer? Is there something that can help us understand how to better solve our problem located on the box? Too often we’re ready throw away the base packaging without closer inspection because we can’t remember how things are supposed go.

This also can be applied to long-term relationships. I encourage couples who want to call it quits to give one more look around the base packaging (also known as the foundation of your relationship). Are there tabs that you’ve closed up that need to be reopened? Are there clues around your base packaging that can help you solve the current issues?  Both sides of the relationship need to take a good look at the packaging. Try different things to see how to fit it back into the packaging in which you both have placed it. Do what you can do to not throw away the box in its entirety. It can fit again. Even if for at least 2.5 hours it doesn’t seems like it.


Until next time, I’ll keep packing and you continue to have a great day!