Before I begin my blog piece for today, let me apologize. You see, the last blog post that I made said that I would return on February 27th. Well, here it is, March 6th, and I’m just now returning to blogging. I could say that I totally forgot about it. I could say that I was too busy to write and therefore put it off another week. I could say that nothing seemed to come out right and that I decided to scrap the whole thing until I had something to say. Truth of the matter lies within the below meme.


I literally woke up last Monday morning and said “I wasn’t ready” to blog. I just wasn’t in the state of mind to sit in front of a computer and type out something that was on my mind – and trust me, there is a lot on my mind that I could share. I could share moments from our cross-country move from California to Georgia. I could share moments with visiting family. I could share moments about reintegrating with the southern way of life after over a decade of not being there. The list could go on and on. But no. I just simply was not in the mood to blog. So I didn’t. I apologize if you were wanting to read something new but I wasn’t ready.

As I think more about how unready I was to write on my blog, I start to wonder about how many things that I delay/delayed because I wasn’t ready. Here’s a prime example of one of the things I’ve delayed simply because I don’t think I’m ready: starting a new diet. As many of you know I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and for the past few months, I’ve have been researching the best ways to be healthy. One of those ways led me to consider giving the Ketogenic diet a try. I’m currently reading a book called Keto Clarity (if you would like more information, please click here) and I’m really enjoying what I’m learning. However, I’m using it as a delaying tactic because I’m not ready. I’m not ready to do what I need to do regardless of how much better following the diet is presumed to make me feel.  I’m not ready to take on that way of eating because my insecurities.


How many of us have insecurities that leave us stunted in the journey of becoming our best selves? We often have excuses but at the very heart of the matter, we know we aren’t ready to achieve our goals. It’s just as often that we feel ashamed, as if we know we should be farther along but can’t quite get there. We don’t want anyone to feel pity for us or think less of us because we’re already doing that to ourselves. What we want is time. We want time to ask questions, not answer them. We want time to seek the truth from sources, not reflect the truth we’ve yet to receive. It’s because of our insecurities, whether it be from a basic lack of knowledge or a previous trial and error experience, that we have temporarily halted our journey. We’re at that crossroad of wanting to do whatever it takes to accomplish the mission but not leaving behind the things that will make it an official success. To put it in an every day situation that everyone could understand, I want to be healthier and am physically ready to accomplish that task but I want my thin mints. I want hot fudge sundaes. I want to lose weight but I want to eat the amount of lost weight in barbecue and chocolate. See the issue? I do too hence why I’m not ready.


This meme speaks a great deal of how I feel right now. Darn insecurities. It makes you want to give up because the solution either isn’t in front of your face or it feels nearly impossible to accomplish which gives the feeling of failure before you even begin. However, don’t let that stop you.


Take your time. Develop a support group that would encourage you at your roughest moments. Create a plan that will allow for success even if it’s not done perfectly right. Sometimes it means that you just start and tweak it to work for yourself as you go on the journey. I’m speaking to myself as well. I can’t just mark time forever (yes, that was a marching band reference) in hopes the solution falls in my lap. We’ve got to be constantly working to getting closer to attain success in someway. We may not ever find the right time or date. We may not ever find the straight, direct route to achieve our goal. We may not ever have the money to just jump to the end. We will have to go through struggles.


And this may very well be the bonus lesson we’re to learn: that if we’re truly going to succeed, there won’t be a shortcut, a right date or time or direct path. Yet the job is still simply to make progress. Again, take your time but don’t put your dream on hold indefinitely because certain pieces are unavailable right now. Think of it like building a dream home. One doesn’t stop saving for it just because they are unable to find the right area for it. One doesn’t stop thinking about the layout of the house just because the full amount of money to pay for it is short. One doesn’t stop its intentions for the house simply because the forecasted time frame for the house to be built is further out than desired. Basically put, progress, regardless of how small, is still progress. Eventually, you’ll get your dream home, your dream body or whatever may be your dream desires.


Until next time, please join me in working on progression and not just solely concentrating on the final result. Sometimes, that can end us before we even begin. We’re worth an opportunity to begin. We’re worth a chance. Let’s give ourselves an opportunity to at least progress in our respective goals. So this week, do one small thing to bring your goals closer to fruition. And don’t worry!  We’ve got this!