Oh My Goodness!!!!  It’s Friday!!!! Hasn’t it seemed like the longest week ever? For me, it has and today is just the beautiful day I needed to remind me that despite it feeling long we’ve made it!  So on this Friday, I’ve decided to do two things: Celebrate my dad’s birthday and two: nothing. That’s right. Nothing!  This weekend, I plan to wash and fix both mine and my daughter’s hair, wash clothes, and lounge around the house and as you can see, some of that is work. So tomorrow, I’m doing nothing unless I feel like doing something. That means this is a Hulu, Pluto, Tubitv and Chill with my tea type weekend!

What about you? Is there anything you like to do to unwind from the week? What are your guilt pleasures that allow you to reset yourself from the week?  Typically, mine is to go to the waterfront or to sit in nature somewhere and read. However, having a curious four-year old will not allow for those things to happen often or long enough to accomplish it. But what I do relish is my late night tea times with my husband. It allows for us to talk and to relax together while the kid sleeps. As a matter of fact, I’m going to wrap this up now so I can plan the rest of my day accordingly to where I can relax without interruption tonight.

Until next time, may you get the rest and relaxation you need to be able to start refreshed and energized on Monday. Also, if tomorrow is not your “work Friday”, I still hope you can find a way to relax and unwind so you can be fresh for work in the morning.