The last time I wrote about this parenting thing, it was about our kid finding her kid independence. That moment when the child realizes they know how to get dressed, turn on the television, find their plate of food from last night (don’t judge me. If you’re a parent of a kid, you know this happens.), sit down and eat all without parental assistance. Whether we mean for it to happen this way or not, it eventually comes to pass. It is sort of their rite of passage into official independent kid land.

Now we have reached a part of this parenting thing that gives me a mixed pause. This, too, also comes to pass. SCHOOL!  That’s right – Kindergarten. Our child has been in an educational setting since she was two years old and has fared well over the past nearly three years. However, there is a little something different from dropping her off at an educational daycare and the Kindergarten classroom. Even when we filled out her paperwork for her to start school in the fall, the whole thing was absolutely surreal. I haven’t shed tears yet but I know they’re coming.

Which leads me to the topic of additional children.  YES, that’s the meaning of the also in the subject line.  The subject has come up that since our daughter will be going into school this year, it may be time for us to think about having another child. It’s a very touchy subject for us because we lost our first child on March 23, 2011 (incompetent cervices suck) and then we had our daughter the following year after a cerclage and 24 weeks of bed rest. So pregnancy has never really been an easy thing for me anyway (freakin’ PCOS…ugh!). We’ve been in negotiations for the past year or so and time isn’t slowing down any time soon.

second kid2

The worst thing I’ve done is try to get the kid’s opinion on whether or not she wants to share her parents with another human being. She’s the type that will try to persuade us to or not to have a child based upon what she wants in the moment. One day it’s a definite, clear cut yes. “Mommy, I want a brother (or sister. It truly depends on the day.)”, is what she tells me. The next day, it’s a no because she doesn’t want to share her daddy. I see the signs of needing another child to play with on a daily basis and it tugs on my heart. But can we go through the ups and downs again?  I know I cannot do another 24 weeks of bed rest. The computer doesn’t reach upstairs and I would have to come downstairs to cook.

second kid1

I don’t look forward to the additional screaming from having another child.  She does enough of that already just trying to sing the opening theme song from Inspector Gadget. Yet I truly feel as if it’s time for another child. So parents of more than one child, I ask you.  When did you know it was time to have another child?  Are we thinking too much about it? Let me know in the comment section below.  I’d love to really hear from those who’ve had more than one child. 

Until next time, I’m going to enjoy the last few months of my pre-kindergarten kid before the schoolhouse rings the bell for her. After all, we know all too well that babies don’t keep.

Babies Don't Keep