One tear drop

I love my family but I need friends. I need people I can hang out with and just be cool with. Now I know I said I’m not a friend but I really want to change that. I want the close friendships, the leave the kid with the hubby and roll out type of friendships. I’ve had opportunities in the past but here, the times are few and far between. When I do have a chance to meet others, I’ll be honest, I’m standoffish. For example, I went to a huge, organized play date and I stood off to myself playing on my phone and watching my kid, having only one conversation with another mom.  I have no idea why I do such things. I just know I would like to hang around with people my age whether they have a kid or not.

Being a milspouse isn’t easy for this reason, especially for our family. It seems as if we make friends the last part of our time at a place and then we move. It’s not the greatest time to find people because our mind is usually spent trying to get out of dodge but that’s when the cool people reveal themselves. Funny thing is that I’ve realized that I never have things in balance at the same time when it comes to me having friends. Like I’ll have a job so I will have money, but I won’t have the friends. Or I have the friends but I won’t have the money. Or I have money and the friends but I don’t have the time (thanks freaking job). I wish the three could give me time to develop the friendships I need to succeed.

One tear drop1

I don’t feel that way at all but it’s a great meme for how it may seem because I’m more antisocial than I need to be. Truth is, I’m an ambivert. I need to be around people, just not all the time. So my friends will have to understand that I need them in my face only part-time. LOL!  I’m that friend that can go days without calling or visiting but then will want to see or go out with my people. I think it comes from me not liking drama. I’m not a dramatic person and while I can watch it on television from time to time, I’d rather have friends who’d prefer to keep their life simple and drama free too.

So I ask you, how do you make friends?  Share with me some tips below.

Until next time, I’ll try to show myself friendly. Wish me luck!

Chrissy Teigen Face