At our last duty station, I had an Irish neighbor. Every year, she would cook her corned beef and cabbage and join our families in an Irish celebration. I loved every minute of it. This is our first year celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day on our own again and I must say that I view this holiday a little differently because of the three years worth of experience with our former neighbor. Before her, I thought it was just a day to celebrate a man who spent his life spreading Christianity around Ireland after he escaped slavery there earlier in his life. But, through our experience, I’ve come to know it as a day of healing, hope and thanksgiving.

It’s also a day for enjoyment and laughter. The one day that has been set aside during Lent to eat and drink items that had been forbidden. When it originated, it was designed as a way for the mourners of Saint Patrick to mourn his loss because the church knew full well his impact on their community and the world would be devastating.  Now it is the one day to celebrate life while (for those who take the day a little more seriously – like my former neighbor) offering blessings of peace and hope.

So, in honor of this St. Patrick’s Day, I offer you laughter and comedy. May it bring peace to your soul.


Another year older and you look as young as ever!  Alcohol is a great preservative!


'Sorry, lad, but I lost all me gold during the recession. All I can give ya is a buck thirty in change!'






Until next time, a blessing for you all…