So, spring is here. It arrived on Monday and in many ways, I’m thankful for its arrival and in other ways, I could have appreciated more time apart. I think it’s that whole Daylight Savings time thing that I don’t like because in the spring, it robs me of an hour and I love my sleep. I’ll get over it though. I also dislike spring for another reason but I’ll get to that in my special announcement later.  However, what I do appreciate about spring is that it gives me incentive to make changes and create new beginnings for myself.


This spring is proving to be the best yet for my health. For the first time ever, I’ve decided to become an expert concerning the ketogenic diet with regards to my own health. I’m excited about this because that means that as I go convert over from a high fat, high carbohydrate, high protein lifestyle, I can monitor what works (or doesn’t) and really focus on being my best self. In the twenty years after being diagnosed with PCOS, I’ve experienced huge weight gains but not that much of a dramatic loss. What do I mean by this? I’ve been as much as 175 pounds over a normal adult weight amount but have only lost about 50 pounds at most no matter the time span. Something’s got to change and now I believe is the time that I begin to be the weight loss expert I wanted others to be to myself.


I’m also loving this spring because of the changes it brings to my house. I’m a lover of opening the windows in the house during the day and really freshening up the house. To me, such and action releases everything from foul smells to toxic attitudes. It brings a sense of renewal to old, faithful things and a sense of rebirth to relationships and a refocus of unfinished goals and desires. I just generally feel better and the better I feel, the more it’s reflected in our house. If you’ve been keeping up with me through this blog, we have just moved to our new spot back in January and while we live here, it hasn’t truly reflected us yet. Spring is that time where we get the house looking as we live here, not like now as it shows we exist in the spot. So pictures on the walls and other decorative items, here’s your warning: GET READY!


Until next time, enjoy your spring.  May it bring about new beginnings in your life!

Special announcement: Tomorrow, Thursday, 23 March 2017, will mark the sixth anniversary of the birth and death of our firstborn daughter, Speranza Giovanna. Therefore, there will not be a blog post for either Thursday or Friday as I take those days to reflect on her life and her meaning to our family.

She was our firstborn. She was our hope baby. She was the child I carried for nearly five months despite being told by a doctor that I’d never be able to get pregnant. The fact that she existed, albeit for such a short time, is the very reason our daughter, Bordeaux, is here. So we will always remember Speranza Giovanna, our firstborn daughter who joined us and left us far too soon.  In her honor, I will leave the lyrics of the song that gave us the most comfort on that day below. It is from Paul Schwartz featuring Lisbeth Scott – Fear Not.

Fear not, my child

The time has come

To travel with

The setting sun

Fear not, my love

For heaven sings

A sweeter song

Than any earthly light could bring

And in her hands

You are the dawn

And in her heart

And in her soul

We all belong

Upon her grace

Time shall dissolve

The darkest night

Shall safely fall

Fear not my child

The greatest love

Shall hold you soft

As day’s first light melts from above

Fear not, my child

Forever stays

Beside you now

And you shall always be with me

Fear not, my child

Continue to fly high our darling angel and keep on watching over Daddy, Mommy and Sister. As I told you when you left us be good, hold Jesus’ hand while crossing over the streets paved with gold and do what God tells you to do. We love you!