Do you remember this saying: “No more pencils, no more books. No more teachers’, dirty looks”? I do.  I remember saying it when I was in grade school.  Shortly after the last bell, a radio station who wanted to be a bit cheesy in their celebration of school being out for the summer would play Alice Cooper’s School’s Out and we students would sing along.  I think teachers mumbled the words under their breaths for professionalism’s sake but we all knew we shared the same sentiments.

While those times were almost thirty years ago for me, one thing that has always stuck with me a phrase about learning. I can hear various forms of the same statement from my previous teachers but it’s the one thing that continues to stay true after all these years.


That meme says it all. Learning doesn’t stop just because we’ve left a physical building that has instructors and promotes education.  Learning is a daily thing and even if it’s not a new concept to a person, what may be new is the perspective given.  This is key for us as it allows us to get a new understanding about ourselves in the process.


As a student, learning is something that we must do consistently.  Tests are simply ways to demonstrate what has been learned and as I discussed in yesterday’s post Testing…Testing…1, 2, 3, tests are an important part for an expert in knowing what works and what will not. The same is true for a student. Students have to pay attention and take action whenever possible. But there are two other things students do that will be addressed in this post.

  1.  Students must have a willing attitude to learn more.
  2.  Students realize that they are not always going to be students.


There have been times that I’ve not been the best at having an attitude for learning but one really do need to have an open attitude when learning something.  It must be open and flexible at all times because as one learns more, they can discover things that can contradict, support or be ambivalent to the point of confusion. Since things change all the time, a rugged or inflexible attitude will only serve to hurt the student in the long run by possibly having them miss out on the one variable that could bridge it all together.

Also, in having an open and flexible attitude, a student should remember that their attitude should also have the understanding of they don’t know it all but they want to know it all.  Their attitude should reflect the desire to want to soak up all of the information they can from any source that could shed light on the topic at hand.  This is definitely a wake up call for those who are questioning whether or not the subject matter is worth them being a student of it in the long run.  Please keep this in mind: if it’s not of interest to you, it is/will be unworthy of your time. Why? I’ll tell you in my next point.


Students realize the finite time span that happens from the beginning to the end. From almost the beginning, regardless of how long the study nights last, they know they will not be students (in whatever institution they’ve chosen) forever. There is a time where one will graduate and will be counted on to participate in our society by sharing their knowledge through some sort of work. Because of this, they take their time as students to ask questions, formulate opinions and to develop solutions. They know their time is limited and precious so they ask questions. They use their intelligence to ask the right questions so they can get the knowledge they seek for later usage.

The gain of knowledge plus having an open and flexible attitude for learning makes one awesome student.  Even if we applied this to the broadness of being a student of life, it still works.  In life, we know we have to be flexible and we have to ready for any and every pop quiz life has to offer. It’s how we become the expert we wish we had when we needed one the most.

Tomorrow will be the last of this series. It’s titled: Becoming the Fearless Achiever.  Stay tuned for it. Until next time, become the student you wish you could be had someone taught you through your struggles. After all…