Today ends this week’s series on how to become the expert you wished you had when you needed them the most and I’ll tell you that it’s bittersweet to see this as my last post about it. However, I’m so thankful that you stuck around to read it because the journey to even begin talking about it has been twenty years in the making. Rest assured that I’m not going to wait twenty years to close it out, so let me get started.


Monday, we discussed how to become the change we wish to see in the world. On Tuesday, we learned how to become the expert you wished you had in your life. On Wednesday, we moved on to what it means to be the guinea pig you wished others could have been in your life. Thursday, we discovered that we need to be the student we wish we could have been had someone else taught us. Today, we’ll learn how to be fearless achievers.

I purposely say fearless achievers simply because sometimes, when one achieves something spectacular, there is a fear of it being the end.  It can mask itself as fear of it being the last successful thing one does. It can also mask itself as jealously when it’s another person’s time to shine and the limelight has been diverted to them. One will downplay another’s efforts or try to push their own agenda back into the limelight for its comfort and validation of their worth. Another mask it could have is hiding themselves away, believing they are not worthy of interaction with society until they can bring something else to the table. It can come in a myriad of ways but it stems from the same place – FEAR.


Whenever a person achieves a goal and the thought of it being the only success they have, one must remember the lessons learned along the journey and how it shaped them.  That person became an expert, a guinea pig, and a student along the way.  Those are completely separate roles that they’ve joined together to achieve the success they’ve reached.  That’s no small thing.  They’ve lasted. They’ve met their goal. They’ve been patient, put through the ringer time and time again and they’ve persevered. They’ve failed, they’ve been confused, they’ve sacrificed and yet they labored on until the end. This is amazing! They’ve become survivors of their own project and that deserves respect and praise.


People who reach the end of their goals are rare.  According to an article in, approximately 92 percent of people don’t achieve their dreams.  That means if I lined up ten people in a room, only two of them would go on to achieve their goals.  Be proud that once a goal is reached, it’s over.  Why? Because that means you’re one of the twenty percent!  You’re a rare one! You have the stamina, the drive, the patience and the willingness to press towards your goal.  This is nothing to be feared but everything to be embraced.


It slightly feels like I’m telling my age but I was around when the Wide World of Sports used the quote “The smell of victory, the agony of defeat”.  If you’re one of the lucky twenty percent, you know what the sweet smell of success is and you know that it is something to be treasured. My encouragement to you is to not let it be marred by fear of what’s next. None of us know what’s next. None of us can tell what’s coming. But what we can do is embrace the here and now. This, my friends, is living the fearlessly achiever’s life.


Fearless achievers embrace their victories. They focus on the here and now. When it is time for their moment to pass, they are okay with it because of the understanding that it’s time. They do not make it all about their legacy. They do not make it seem as if it’s all they will do in their life. If anything, they use it as a launching pad for motivation to succeed in other areas of interest or their personal lives. Basically put, they do not see merely the end of a goal but the clearing of time, space and effort to achieve success with a new goal. Sometimes they see the end as a way to recuperate and decompress from the work they’ve done on their last goal. However, they don’t stop.  That is the key!  Fearless achievers do not stop after they’ve reached a goal. They simply shift their focus to work on another goal. They do not embrace the new fears that arise when they move on to something new. They simply mark those feelings as curiosities and seek to unravel them as they move on through the process.


In the end, know this: giving up may be more detrimental to who you will become than the success you’ll gain.  Maya Angelou said the following statement: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” I tend to think it’s the same way with success.  People will forget how you started out, people will forget all the details of what you did, but people will never forget your success.  That’s their job; to help you to never forget the time(s) you succeeded.  However, what’s necessary is to not forget the person you’ve grown into as you developed into the person who achieved their goals.  You’ve gone through so much and it’s changed you.  Fearless achievers welcome the change and appreciate it. They do not try to revert back to the person they were before they endured the process of achieving their goal.  They press forward with the lessons they’ve learned and show gratitude.

There you have it!  The series is now yours. What will you do with it? Will you implement it into your life? If so, how?  Let me know in the Talk To Me section below. Until next time, enjoy your weekend and know that you can succeed but it will happen when you stop relying on others to be what you can be for yourself.  You have the ability to do it. Challenge yourself and conquer it! You, too, can be part of the twenty percent!