Have you ever just thought about how much time do you get to yourself? Like you honestly get to be in your own space at one particular time without disturbance and are actually able to be in that state of being for an undetermined length of time. Have you ever had that?  I used to until five years ago when I became a mom.  It wasn’t until today when I realized that I need to get back to having more me time.

Right now, I’m a stay-at-home mom and I do enjoy it. However, there are days where I would like to focus on things of interest to me without interference. Unless there is a nap, that doesn’t happen. So I don’t get my alone time throughout the day. I have to get it at night but that’s when I get ready for the next day which will center on the family again. The cycle continues day after day, night after night. When that happens, a person can get so far removed from themselves that they can’t even answer a simple question of what’s their favorite food or where is their favorite vacation destination without hitching their likes on the family.

So I’m going to do what it takes to find out more about me by developing a “Me Time” routine where everyone knows it’s my time to do something for myself. It’s the least I can do since I work hard at being me.

Until next time, do you have “Me Time”? What about a “Me Time” routine? If not, try developing one. You’ll thank yourself in the long run.

Me Time1