On March 20th of this year, I took a bold step.  I decided to embark upon a journey to repair my body. Over the past few years, I haven’t been fully feeling my best. I had wavering sleep patterns, energy and a definite waning in the desire department when it came down to what makes me happy.  During that time, I’d start and stop plans that I said would be a lifestyle and wound up miserable and disappointed.  Yet, with the support of my husband, I did something for myself within the last five years that not many do but looking back, it happens to be one of the catalysts for how I finally decided to start the ketogenic diet. I became a Health Coach.

Since my diagnosis of PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), there has been one statement that has been repeated time and time again by my doctors: “your body turns everything to sugar so you have to get rid of the sugar”.  Well, when one is addicted to sugar, they can’t just “get rid of the sugar”. There has to be a plan, a distraction even, before one could possibly believe they are going to be successful in living without sugar. There was none that I knew of but, due to my studies to be a health coach, I remember studying about the Paleo diet. In many ways, there are similarities between the two but there are three key differences: No dairy in Paleo, Paleo is not necessarily low carb and Paleo isn’t necessarily high fat either.


Keto is low carbohydrates/moderate protein/high fat. The purpose of such a ratio is to move the body from running on glycogen (sugar) to stored fat. What I learned in nutrition is that our bodies don’t necessarily need carbohydrates anyway so to have the glycogen as our bodies’ source of fuel is unnecessary. It helps to cause inflammation and we all know that inflammation is either the root cause or is part of the cause of other health issues such as cancers, heart disease and diabetes. So if we get rid of the glycogen, the body only has two other resources of food: fat and protein (muscle).  The goal is to get my body to run off of the stored fat I have and as well as any fat I ingest so I can have a better and faster metabolism.

However, that’s different topic for another day and time. Today, I’m focusing on how I’ve felt for the past two weeks.  This hasn’t been the easiest way of eating I’ve done in an effort to lose weight but it has been the most interesting. Interesting in the way of how I’ve had to go about things and how I’ve adapted to making sure I stay within my macros limit rather than caloric intake limit.  That was the biggest change for me. For years, I was focused on the calories and was still hungry after eating.  I met the caloric goals but I wasn’t satisfied. With keto, it’s the complete opposite.  I don’t have a caloric goal which I love but what’s better is how filled I am from my meals.  I simply don’t feel like eating sometimes and rule number one of keto is: Don’t Eat If You’re NOT Hungry.  Since I’ve adapted that rule into my life, it’s been one interesting ride.

So in an effort to try to sum up my last two weeks, here are a series of memes that adequately show how I felt.

  1. When you first start Keto, it’s possible to develop the “Keto flu” when your body is detoxing and making the switch to fat for its energy source.


2. When you feel as if the Keto flu has gone on long enough and you just want to be fat adapted (want the body to begin taking fat for its energy source) already.


3. How you first start to view all of your recipes when it doesn’t seem as if there is enough fat.


4. The feeling you get when you have to think of dinner but you’re still full from breakfast or lunch.


5. How you react when heading down certain aisles in the grocery store for your non-keto family members.


6. How you look when you see a keto-friendly new item at your grocery store.


7. As you progress, intermittent fasting is suggested. This is where you don’t eat for a large period of time. For example, when I fast, I don’t eat for 16 hours and try to fit in my meals in the 8 hour time frame allotted. My first experience was like…


8. Now, with intermittent fasting, I’m better about it. I’m more like…


9. After I’m done with my fast, I sit down with My Fitness Pal and determine my meal by my macros like usual. It’s serious business.


Well, that’s my new keto life in a nutshell. Until next time, stay safe and have an awesome weekend!!!