As I explained on Friday, I have begun a new way of eating/lifestyle called Keto.  I’ve pretty much have gotten all of the dietary rules down and I’m comfortable with my food decisions.  I’m eating well within my macros and have fully grasped the concept of not eating past a certain time at night. All in all, it’s been an enjoyable experience…so far.


I say so far because what I have not been doing is dun-dun-dun….EXERCISE.  I will admit that when I’m at the computer, I lift weights while I read.  But I’m not doing cardio or working any other muscle groups. So I don’t think of it as working out until I’m really drenched in my own sweat. There is a reason for me not working out. I was waiting on the clearance from physical therapy and I finally got it!  I still have to start off slow, which is why my topic is working up the nerve to work out. It’s one thing to work up the nerve when you are just starting to work out. But it’s another ball game altogether when you’re coming back to working out from an exercise-related injury.  There is a nervousness there: from checking out the form for the exercise to making sure all T’s are crossed and all I’s are dotted with regards to the previous injury.

So today, I’ll start back to really exercising and giving it a go like I had in the past.  The kid is ready and I’m beyond ready to start back giving it my all. I also want to see how my new way of eating will be effected by me exercising.  Will I get hungrier? Will I have more fatigue? Even up to the main question: can I keep it up?


Well, I’ll let you know how it goes on tomorrow’s post.  Until next time, pray that I can move more than my eyelids when I return. My family’s got to eat and I’m the cook.

P.S.  This is what I really think goes on in the mind of anyone I workout with as they watch me work out.