Spontaneous day at the beach 4122017


Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being spontaneous.  If someone woke me up yesterday morning and told me that by the end of the day, I would be on a beach with my family enjoying life, I probably would have said “whatever, but I really don’t see it” while serenading you with the list of things I believe should be done by the end of the day. However, I truly ended up on the beach with my little family enjoying life and relaxing.  Yes, on a Wednesday afternoon.  Like seriously, who loads up a car on a Wednesday afternoon, drives about an hour and fifteen minutes away before evening rush hour traffic starts just to go to the beach? This family!  We have truly felt more relaxed, more rejuvenated and more satisfied than we usually do on a Wednesday and we live in a super relaxing neighborhood. I think water does that to us. We’re more playful and definitely filled with silly shenanigans when we’re on the beach.


Spontaneity has a place in our lives. It’s meant to keep us happy and to focus on ourselves sometimes.  It’s there to remind us of what we like to do and with whom we like to share the experience. I know it can seem hard to do. Remember, at the beginning of this post, I mentioned that I had a list of things I could serenade a person with regarding what I had to do.  So I truly get it. However, you have to ask yourself a question: “If I participate/do/enjoy this experience now, can those other things be done at a later time without a major impact?” Chances are, they can. We just don’t want to do them at a later time because we had already psyched ourselves up to do it at that time. Plus, don’t we all sometimes just need a break? I do believe the phrase “Gimme A Break” goes for more than just a Kit Kat bar, you know?


So, until next time, be spontaneous! Do the thing you constantly think of doing but put on the back burner so that other things can be done. Remember, just because it’s on the back burner doesn’t mean it lacks the need for attention.  Often times, it’s the one that can be on that back eye for only so long before the opportunity is burned up.