Friday Funday6

Once again, we’ve made it to Friday! Congratulations!  I just had to re-post this blog post because I’m definitely going through this now. It seems as if the closer she gets to the age of five, the more I experience each of these cartoons. So, once again, welcome to Parent/Kid Funny Friday!

Life when you live with a four-year old interrogator…


Kid rule number 3: their logic is to never be disputed


No, you don’t understand. Kid logic is the law.


Even if their fashion sense should be against the law.


That’s why we parents relish in the small victories that come our way…


And then we realize we have to do this again…tomorrow.

Until next time, grab a glass of wine (or a stein of beer), and realize this too shall pass. I just hope it doesn’t pass so fast that we are unable to cherish them.