Hi everyone! I’m re-posting this “oldie but goodie” today because honestly, I need the encouragement.  It is my sincerest hope that it encourages you too.



I’ve tried several diets over the years in an effort to lose weight. I’ve even tried to embrace certain lifestyles (i.e. vegan, paleo, vegetarian, etc.) to accomplish the same goal. Anything new that comes across my path with reference to weight loss, you can be certain to find me on their website doing my research. However, I’ve only had significant success with one of those products and in all honesty, no matter how great it was for me, it was too expensive to continue. The more I try to lose weight, it seems there are more and more products out there for me to employ to try to reach my goal.

At this point, I don’t think it’s about losing weight. At this point, it’s about wanting change. It’s about wanting change so much that one will endure anything and everything to accomplish it.  Sacrifices will be made that probably should have not been made. Money spent that should have been kept. Time wasted that could have been used for some other reason. Feelings of disappointment that can be too much to bear at times.  Change takes all of those elements and although they are hugely noticeable, it seems to fade to black to allow anxiety and the excitement of the new venture to shine through.

At first, we are super excited and “ready” to begin the adventure. During this time, we’d even accept some failure because it’s life and there are some things we cannot change. However, as time moves on, the disappointment creeps in simply because either change has not happened fast enough, there are no visible results or because there are no results at all. That’s when we begin searching for something else. No matter how patient we say we are, we all would like to be rewarded. Change is supposed to bring about that reward. Change is supposed to be the catalyst for us to reach our goal. However, change can sometime have a different job.


Sometimes change takes on the job of the mirror. The lengths one is willing to go through in change reflects back how much they want it. For example, if a person wants to change their weight but do not want to give up something in return, they will continue to get the same thing they have always received. If a person wants change and only incorporates one or two substitutes, if there are any results, it will be reflected in what they were meant to alter. Regardless of the outcome, a change will occur in the mind. That person will learn quickly whether to change tactics, change desired length of time or to change perspective about what needs altering.


In the end, my encouragement is to not be so desperate for change that it clouds your judgement. There are consequences to every action despite why the action was made in the first place. If I’m so desperate for change that I wind up doing things that hurt me, I still have to deal with the consequence. If I’m so desperate for change that I end up sabotaging myself, I still have to deal with the consequence. Consequences come whether change happened or not because an action still occurred. Don’t let desperation be the reason you’re enduring a difficult consequence.

Until next time, think about your upcoming changes. Are you desperate for those changes? Are you willing to go through the sacrifice it takes to complete it? What about the consequences of it, whether you accomplish your goal or not? Remember, either the change you seek will come or the thoughts about the change will come. I just hope it’s the change you want.