Yesterday morning, I woke up to the Steve Harvey Morning Show. As usual, he began his morning show with words of encouragement. It resonated with me because what he spoke about is exactly what I say each time I have the opportunity to do so. He said that his wife told him to stop saying he was “trying” to do but to understand that he was doing and has been doing it for quite a while.  He said it was a habit for him to say although he knew full well that he had moved beyond the realm of trying.

It’s the same way with me and possibly is the same way with you. We are no longer in the phase of trying to do it.  To try to do something means that one is making the attempt to do something.  To do is the actual performance and execution of that something. One cannot try and do it at the same time. An attempt means an incompletion or the failure of the attempt. An execution means to fully carry out the action. So one can see how a person can neither try and do at the same time.  It’s always either one or neither one.

So, what about you? Do you have this habit? If so, like me, it’s time to stop. We’re not doing ourselves any favors by shying away from our accomplishments. We are doing something. It doesn’t have to be big. It doesn’t have to make us famous. But what it does have to do is make us happy and satisfied. Why? Because those two elements give us motivation to continue until the task at hand is complete.  Without them, what we might want to do may only stay as an attempt.

Until next time, let’s work to move our “tries” into action. We deserve the happiness and the growth.

Try and Do1