Often times, in the midst of a storm, we can’t wait for it to end so we can salvage whatever normalcy we can find and move on. We search our news and weather stations for insight on the duration of the storm. We keep our eyes glued to the meteorologist of our choice to listen to what they have to say. We keep our loved ones close and make sure things are ready for the worse should it come. However, through it all, we know for a fact the storm will not last always. We know that the pressure system is going to move past us and that good weather will return again. We don’t know when but we do believe it to be soon.

Why do we believe that better weather will come? Because we have lived long enough to experience the change in weather after a storm. Even newborn children who were born during a storm (like myself) have experienced the change in weather after a storm whether they know it or not. We all have played in the sun after the time of a storm. We all have felt the mud on our feet as a result of all the precipitation. We all have smelled the air after a storm and we know that it changed because of the storm. The ability for us to experience such things allows us to continue to believe in the inevitability of the end of a storm.


So why can’t we believe it in our own lives? What is preventing us from believing that whatever we’re going through today has an ending? Is it because the situation may not end when we desire it to conclude? Is it because we’re so bogged down with the situation that we don’t realize it will end sooner than we think? Is it because we so engrossed with our issues that we choose not to realize that it will end because we’re enjoying our own pity party?

When the storms of our lives come upon us, we must first realize that trouble doesn’t last always. It may feel like they will be around for the long haul but in reality, they’re gone faster than we think. We just need to remember a few things during the storm. I will use three pieces of advice from meteorologists to help us remember.

  1. Watch the skies = Be mindful of those over you.  During a personal storm, especially during conflict with those in authority, it is easy to want to be defiant or insubordinate. The authority can range from your immediate boss to the government to police officers to doctors, even to those who we hold in high regard. While there may be times that those in authority are doing things to a subordinate that are meant to be personal, more often than not, it’s not their intent.  While we’re not always able to do this, we must keep in mind that we’re to separate the issue from the person, especially if it is business related. Failing to do so may exacerbate the situation and elongate our time in the storm.
  2. Stay away from windows and doors = Keep your storm off of social media.  During a storm, one of the first pieces of advice meteorologists give is to stay away from windows and doors as they may give way from both the indoor and outdoor pressure. Same thing for us when we’re going through a storm. It’s absolutely cool to ask for prayers or to confide in a person or two using social media. However, putting your private business out there on front street via social media may increase the issue instead of abating or helping to squash it altogether.  For example, if a woman is having issues with her husband, it would be best that she keeps that information off of social media. Not doing so might lead to worse troubles than the help she was intending to seek in the first place from her venting.
  3. Don’t count on others to keep you safe = Not everybody is in your corner during a storm.  Often times, we think someone has our back when times get tough. Truthfully, we learn who exactly is in our corner when times get rough. Not everyone we care to share our troubles with has our best interests in mind. Not everyone we’ve been there for knows how to be there for us in the midst of our storm. Some may not even agree with how we’re handling it and will choose to step aside in protest. Some may feel indifferent or as if they are having a harder time and will desire to outshine our situation because they are ignorant of how to help us handle it.


In the end, storms will come and go in our lives. Some will experience more storms than others. However, we can minimize their impact in our lives if we focus on enduring the storm and realizing that it won’t last always. The sun will rise again. The birds will chirp. The clouds will part. The mud will dry and life will go on. It may be different but it will still go on.

Until next time, if you’re in the midst of a storm in your life, may it be over soon.  If you’re about to head into a storm, take precaution and realize it doesn’t last always. If you’re coming out a storm, be thankful to see the happier moments.  Regardless of the stage you’re in, never give up.