Michael Fite 1st picture in the Military
From this (circa 2006)

Yesterday represented a milestone for my family. We like to think of it as an anniversary of sorts but it’s still a milestone nonetheless. Yesterday marked eleven years since my husband entered the military and I must say it has gone by extremely fast. In that time, we’ve moved four times, lived overseas once, lived on both coasts, had two kids (one is with God and the other is in her room protesting the putting on of clothes as I type this), had four pets (two dogs and two cats), met many awesome people, traveled the world, learned to speak a different language while living in that country and the list goes on and on.

This milestone also marks the beginning of a different mindset – one that we’ve only entertained when it was time for re-enlistment. No matter how it’s put, we’re now faced with the sunset of his career. The time most people call retirement is approaching. Now, pending everything continues to be as good as it has been, it won’t be for another nine years (and a day) but still, he’s just done eleven and that went by extremely fast.  Truth of the matter is, I’m a little saddened by it.  We’ve accomplished so much in this lifestyle that it’s a little hard to fathom that in as little as nine years and a day, this could possible be the last hoo-rah for us.

Nevertheless, that’s what milestones are for. It’s the moment where one can look back and remember where they began and can also look forward to where they are going all the while appreciating the present gift of being able to do both.  We are a far cry from living in a rented house with a hole in the roof and drafty walls.  We are a far cry from wondering if we can make it in the city we lived in. We are what feels like a lifetime away from thinking that things would be better if we had separated simply because it’s one less person to feed or care for.  We’ve learned throughout it all, we’re stronger together – that we need each other not only to survive but to thrive. I don’t think we would have been this happy, this content, this successful if we were apart all of these years (side note: I’m not saying that people who choose to live apart or those who decide to fully separate due to financial status are unhappy. I’m just saying it wouldn’t have worked for us).

Until next time, I hope all of your milestones are as sweet and as beautiful as you’d desire them to be.

Michael Fite 10th year in the military picture
To this (circa 2016)… The best is YET to come!