Love the love they give to each other! #Bros4Life

Okay, I’m a sports fan.  I LOVE the Los Angeles Lakers!!!  I LOVE the Tennessee Titans!  I LOVE the Atlanta Braves!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Nashville Predators!!!  Yep, I said it!! I LOVE hockey!!!  However, I have a secret: I’m very, very superstitious!  My brother and I both are superstitious and we would both say we’re more extreme than the other but I think I take the cake on it.

Last night, our beloved Nashville Predators were up against the Anaheim Ducks in Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals of NHL.   When the stakes are this high and we need such a win, I know I need to be honest with myself. I’m unlucky.  I’m the woman that if you took me to a casino, I’d drain everybody’s pockets just to get one win on a penny machine. That’s what kind of unlucky I am. And I suppose that I fell into this mindset because I was taught early on that there is no such thing as luck but just blessings.  I must say I am one blessed woman so I have no dispute with the blessings part. But luck though? Let’s just say don’t listen to me when it comes to the Kentucky Derby.

They’re ready and we’re ready!

I’ve learned throughout my sports watching life that there are teams that no matter what I do, they are going to lose.  I’ve also learned which teams do better with me watching and those who do not. The Nashville Predators absolutely stink when I’m watching them, especially in the Finals. My husband knows this. So there are no questions asked when it’s about 5 minutes until the puck is scheduled to drop where I’m headed. I’m out of that room.  I can’t be there. My stuff can’t be there. I’m not to be anywhere near the machine on which the Predators are being shown while playing. It’s hilarious to others but it’s serious business to me. I’m superstitious that way and I have cause to continue to be that way.  Why? Because the Nashville Predators are in the 2017 NHL Stanley Cup Finals for the first time in franchise HISTORY!!!!!!!! Our beloved home state of Tennessee is beside itself right now.  It’s so bad that I think we should go to Dick’s online store to try to find ourselves a Western Conference Champion t-shirt before they sell out.  But I digress.

Like I said, it must run in the family because my brother is the same way. People must be in a certain place and he must eat a certain food every time they play or else they lose. My poor sister must take care of all of her dealings prior to the game because my brother will yell at her for moving out of her spot. LOL!  Our parents think we’re weird as well but ultimately don’t care because our beloved team wins when we’re like this.

Preds Pekka
Mr. Pekka Rinne – Protect HIM!!!

Okay, enough talk about them. I want to talk about you. Are you superstitious? What prompts you to be superstitious? Sports, life events, money?  Tell me all about it in the comment section below.

Until next time, GO PREDS!!!!