*UPDATE: I decided to re-post this blog posting again. It seems that the lesson bears repeating far more than it does to sit idle. Have a great day and remember, TOMORROW IS FRIDAY!!!!!*

Right or Wrong

I love the above quote because it’s so true. One can’t be right forever and when they fail to be correct, it seems that there is zero shortage of those who will forget it. However, what happens if you’re right but the way you went about it was wrong? What do you think they offended party would remember most?

I had a disagreement recently with my husband over something that is already trivial in today’s society: our kid’s appearance. Fact of the matter is that despite how our child feels about herself, her appearance is already being called into question. Our common belief is that she deserves to look and feel her best but what that means is where we differ. We went over an hour trying to convince each other why we were right, all the while being wrong.  We were wrong for the way we talked to each other, the way we raised our voices at one another and the way we used different scenarios to get our manipulated points across.

So who won? Which one of us were right? We won’t remember if either one of us were right. We will remember, however, the smile on our child’s face as her appearance gets her stamp of approval. We will remember how we spoke to one another. We will remember the feelings we felt when we talked roughly to each other.We will remember the difference in how we thought about the discussion and our attempts to be right. But again, we still won’t remember who was right.

In the end, please remember that in your quest to be right, don’t forget that even if the result wind up in your favor, the other party may still feel you’re wrong simply because of the way you addressed the matter. And that’s where the work or restoration and healing begins.

Until next time, remember being right doesn’t mean you’re right if the other party is offended by the way you reached your right status.  Change that and the future of your relationships may go even more smoothly.